Is Keto for me?

I’m sitting here right now and watching Parenthood on Neflix. Gosh, I want to be a Braverman. I mean, they all have incredible style and their backyard always has twinkly lights and loud family dinners. I can do the loud family dinner thing..maybe I should invest in some twinkly lights. Of course, it’s March in Iowa, so it’s not exactly outdoor twinkly light weather. It’s more like muddy, slushy, thank God I own Hunter boots type weather.

Anyhow, that’s off the subject. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the keto diet. It’s all about eating healthy fats and proteins while reducing your carb intake. We all know diet fads come and go and most of us have tried one or the other.  10 years ago, I lost a lot of weight with Weight Watchers. I got tired of tracking and started dabbling with other ways of eating. The past few years have been rough weight wise. I’ve gained. I have a lot more muscle than I used to but just feel inflamed and puffy. I did a Whole 30 last year and figured out some foods that bothered me so I’m further ahead than I used to be.

A friend of mine started talking about taking exogenous ketones and I became a little intrigued. I tried one of her 10 Day Experience packs and I really liked it. But I didn’t order it because it seemed expensive. In January, I ordered some and felt a lot better while taking them. Exogenous ketones help you to burn fat. I could get all science like, but that’s boring. Anyhow, I decided a week ago that I was going to order them again and try them. I’m on Day 6 and I feel a lot better. Some of my bloat is gone and I feel a little more energetic. Plus, it tastes good. Rasp lemonade ketones

Let’s be honest, this isn’t magic pill. (Wouldn’t that be great?!) You can’t eat a diet of junk food, take your ketones, and get skinny. I eat mostly whole foods (meat, veggies, fruit, and potatoes) and don’t eat a ton of crap. If the ketones, keep helping, I’ll keep purchasing. If they don’t, I’ll stop.

Personally, I like the Pruvit brand of ketones. A friend that I trust is a rep for them so I know I’m getting a good product.  They have several flavors available all the time and do special flavors every once in awhile. I really like Maui Punch, Orange Dream,  and Raspberry Lemonade (available all the time!). But I recently tried Heart Tart and it was so good! I hope they bring it back. Each flavor can be ordered Charged (which means it includes caffeine) or Caffeine Free. They have other products too, but these are the only things I’ve tried.  Oh- and you can set up auto ship and save 22% per month if that intrigues you.



I’m curious if anyone reading this has tried ketones and what your experience has been. I love learning about health and fitness and hearing other people’s stories. Drop me a comment below or leave me a message. I’m learning this stuff along with everyone else and I’m definitely not an expert!  If you’re curious, do your research and share it with me or others. If you want more info on the kind of ketones I am taking, try this page.

Have a happy and healthy day!




  1. Hi Kari! Doing the ketogenic diet but not using exogenous ketones. I will say I do feel awesome on this diet!! Also having great results!!


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