Local Favorites and Snowstorm #3

So, guess what? It’s snowing. Again. If you’re following my blog, that’s the 3rd snowstorm in 10 days. In April. Now I’m not a scientist ( but one of my best friends is!) so I can’t speak very intelligently about climate change but every year, winter seems to start later and last longer into the spring. The past few years we’ve barely had any snow at Christmas which is highly unacceptable in my opinion. This storm seems to be the worst. It started yesterday with rain and hail. The sustained winds are about 40 mph and gusts up to 60 – 70 mph. The wind is howling!  I’ve heard through social media that a lot of people don’t have electricity so I’m just thankful we have power! Right now there is a drift by my stepson’s car nearly up to the door handle. We’ll have to dig him out tomorrow. Earlier today, I went out to the garage to let our dog inside. And before you get mad at me about leaving the dog in the garage, let me explain our garage. We have a mancave/gameroom on  the end of our garage. It’s heated in the cold weather and air conditioned in the warm weather. We have 2 recliners, a fireplace, a TV, and a treadmill. Oh, and a beer fridge. I put on my heavy coat, my snowboots and ran through the drifts to get out there to get the dog. It’s almost like I’m a pioneer.  The blizzard caused our high school’s prom to get rescheduled until tomorrow. Yes, they are holding prom on a Sunday and allowing the kids who attended to come to school late. My stepson is attending so tomorrow we’ll go watch him at the Grand March.  After we dig him out, of course.  I checked Facebook a little bit ago and up in Worthington, ( a town about 20 miles north of Sibley), there are a ton of trees down already. I haven’t seen any down here yet….but it’s supposed to snow until tomorrow!

So, really, not all of my blogs are going to be about snowstorms. I mean at some point, it’s going to be spring, right?? I’m ready for not having bundle up to bring the dog outside. And I’m ready to wear some cute spring clothes. Y’all with me there? I mean, right now I’m pretty fashionable in my Old Navy leggings  and my husband’s old hoodie sweatshirt. Last night I posted a blog about real love. I think that’s part of real love- loving your wife even when she’s wearing leggings and an old sweatshirts and not very attractive. Today’s post is about stuff I’m into lately. Apparently, I’m into snowstorms and leggings. Let’s talk about some more fun stuff:

  1. 1015 Steak Company: I love this place. We are so lucky to have a great steakhouse in our small town. I’ve had prime rib at a lot of different places but hands down, the best prime rib is here. On Wednesday and Saturday nights, they have smoked prime rib and Oh. My. Gosh. Words cannot describe it.  Last weekend we went there twice- once on Friday night with our friends and their 2 year old and on Saturday night before we went out to the Mulligan’s Opening Party. I had a French Dip one night and that was just as good as the prime rib. One of my friends visited us a few years ago and she still talks about the food.  The owner is our neighbor and the service is always great. Also, since we live in a small town, it’s almost like Cheers when you walk in. (For all of you born before 2000, Cheers is a show from ye olden days [the 1980’s] that was about a bar owner, the staff, and the regulars. It’s now on Netflix if you need a reference.) It’s only a few blocks from our house so we tend to go there a lot. If you’re not into prime rib, they have awesome appetizers and other meals as well.
  2. Farm House Fixer Upper Blog  If you like farmhouse decorating and fashion, you should check this out. I’m terrible at decorating so everything on this blog blows my mind. Also, I’ve known Janelle for a long time and I think she is one of the sweetest people ever. In fact, her blog inspired me to start a blog! She has a great sense of style and always looks amazing. Luckily, she’s willing to share her tips with us! Her photography is beautiful and fun to look at. And she’s only 21! I can’t wait to see what she’s going to do next.
  3. Pink Zebra Home Fragrance:  My friend Becca is a rep for Pink Zebra and got me into this. Pink Zebra sprinkles are soy based and smell amazing. You can put them in wax warmers or with a votive candle. They sell wax warmers and other fragrance too. I got the car air fresheners and now my vehicle smells amazing. If you host a party, you get a ton of fun stuff, including a jar of sprinkles just for hosting. I love having my house smell good and I’m picky about scent. I cannot, in good conscience,  have a pumpkin scent in the spring. Right now I have Limoncello and Energizing Ginger in my warmers. (So yes, it does smell like spring during the blizzard!) The jars are inexpensive but if you really like a scent, get the carton because it’s less per ounce. For anytime, I really like the Oak and Bourbon and Vanille Tobacco . As soon as Thanksgiving is over, I have Aspen Pine going all the time.
  4. A new puppy! My sister and her kids recently got a new puppy named Roper. He’s half Jack Russell terrier and half Australian Shepherd. I went over to see him this week and he’s playful and adorable. He has the sweetest personality and he’s already picked my youngest niece as his favorite person. It’s no secret that I love dogs and especially puppies, but this one just has my heart.


Well, that’s it. Just a few local things I’m into lately. Do yourself a favor and check them out. I’m going to enjoy this rest of this snowday by watching a few movies, binge watching Parenthood or Hart of Dixie, and making some chocolate chip cookies. I’d give you the recipe but I use the recipe on the back of the chocolate chips. Nestle Tollhouse of course because it’s nothing but the best around this joint. Anyone remember the episode of Friends where Monica tries to figure out the recipe for the chocolate chip cookies that Phoebe’s grandma made? And it ends up being the Nestle Tollhouse recipe? I love that episode. Maybe I’ll watch some Friends today too. Have a great day and stay warm and safe!!


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