FriYAY and Some Hair Care Tips

It’s FriYAY! I don’t know about you but I’m ready for the weekend. I’m usually ready for any weekend. And after not getting any sleep last weekend, I’m ready to sleep in tomorrow! My husband is working late tonight and we may go over to some friends to see their new house. Which will probably make me get antsy about selling our house and getting a new house. Tomorrow we have to go to our friend’s house for a birthday party for their 3 year old. I got a bunch of presents that will drive her parents crazy- stickers, tattoos, bubbles…you get the idea. Then I have to go see my niece at her prom. This isn’t right…she’s supposed to be 7 years old with missing teeth, not going to her first prom! I hate all those sappy posts on Facebook about how kids grow up so fast and I usually roll my eyes at them. But now I’m the one having a moment….give me a second, I’ll get over it.

Ok, the point of this post isn’t to whine about how fast time is going. It’s really supposed to be about hair tips. My college roommate said she wanted a post about hair tips. She asked, so I’m delivering. First of all, I am going to give a disclaimer- I don’t get specific with products and tutorials because my hair might be different than your hair. (I have very thick, wavy hair that needs work to get straightened)  Also, for the best advice, ask your stylist. That brings me to my first tip:

  1. Find a good stylist
    This is hair tip #1 for a reason. A good stylist will help you learn about your hair and how to manage it. They’ll tell you if a certain style will or won’t work for you and they’ll help you learn how to style it so you can look just as good as when you left the salon!
  2. Use professional salon products
    This is a break off of #1.  Using the right products will help EVERYTHING. Especially the right shampoo and conditioner. Most non professional products have wax fillers. Some people will say they like the way their drugstore shampoo works because it makes their hair soft. That’s the wax coating your hair. Also, they will say they have to wash their hair everyday because it’s greasy. That’s also the wax. Using a professional shampoo will allow you to not have to wash your hair everyday. Also, using the right styling products will help you to get your hair to look the way you want it. If you’re worried about the cost, think about this- washing your hair less will allow you to use less product so you won’t spend as much $$. I’m not going to recommend any specifics, because I think you should ask your stylist.
  3. Be realistic
    If you have super curly hair, a straight look isn’t going to be your friend. Find what works for you. This is usually a trial and error process! Find styles you like and bring them to your stylist. They’ll be honest with you. Also, be realistic about the time you’re willing to spend with your hair to style it everyday. If you have a style that takes 15 minutes but you only have 5, you’re going to be disappointed.
  4. Use a heat protecting spray if you’re using any hot tools
    Protecting your hair from heat is really important if you want to maintain healthy hair. Also, some heat protecting sprays can help hold your style longer.
  5. Get regular haircuts
    Yes, even if you have long hair. Even if your hair is halfway down your back, and you hate the idea of cutting off a half inch. Get over it. Not getting your hair trimmed will cause split ends to keep unraveling, and pretty soon you’ll have 3 or 4 inches of hair that feels like straw. And straw isn’t pretty. Even if you’re going for farmhouse chick. Get it cut every 8 weeks. Just do it. For the sake of your hair and for the sake of those of us who have to look at your hair.
  6. Don’t be afraid to try new things.
    Go ahead, cut it off. Color it a hot new color. Try some highlights. At the end of the day, it’s just hair! I’ve had my hair so many different colors and lengths, it’s not even funny. Through a lot of trial and error, I know I look best as a blonde. And right now, it’s super blonde. I love it. My husband prefers it really blonde and wavy or curly but I do wear it straight a lot. Can’t always do what he wants! If you want to style it a different way, go to YouTube and watch some tutorials or just ask your stylist. They’re always happy to help and they want you to look good and feel good!

Ok, so those are my hair tips. I know they aren’t rocket science but I swear by them. I may do another post on products, but I do think you should talk to your stylist as they definitely know your hair better than I do. Here’s a pic of my current haircut

It’s now 10:30 on a Friday night and I’m hoping to get some rest as we had a busy week. My youngest two stepkids are in track and both doing very well. My youngest broke 2 school records this week in hurdles! She broke the record Tuesday night then broke it again on Thursday evening. I was there Thursday and it was really exciting to watch. Her sister was a track star and she’s determined to break her records in high school. I haven’t seen my stepson run this year, but he’s also doing really well. I’m hoping to make it to his meets next week. I’m not a runner at all so I’m impressed with anyone who can run. Oh, and speaking of workouts, I’ve been trying new workouts this week. I’ve been doing Core De Force ( some of the workouts) and I’m loving it. Kickboxing is fun- you get to throw punches so it’s a great stress relief.  I’m hoping it shapes me up before summer!

Have a fabulous weekend- and a great hair day!


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