Old Friends and a New Taco Joint

“It’s a Saturday night and I ain’t got nobody…” I heard that song on my drive and now it’s stuck in my head. Maybe because it’s fitting. Except that it’s Saturday afternoon and I do have somebody. He’s just in Georgia for a work trip right now. Lucky for me, my stepson qualified for the state track meet so I had an excuse to go to Des Moines for a quick trip. He qualified in the shuttle hurdle relay and in the 400 meter hurdles. I didn’t get to see his relay but saw him run his 400  meter hurdle race yesterday. He placed 9th at State. Pretty impressive for a sophomore who hadn’t done that race until a month ago. And he ran his best time ever at 56.81. Can’t ask for much more than that.

I made it home and back in exactly 27 hours. That’s a lot of car time with my own thoughts. I actually don’t mind car trips alone. It gives me an excuse to catch up on podcasts. I’ve been loving PaleoMG Uncensored and Ordinary People, Ordinary Things with Melissa Radke. I laughed out loud several times during my drive. I adore smart, funny, honest, driven women. And I’m lucky that some of the smartest, funniest, most honest, and most driven women are my best friends. I had dinner with 3 of my besties last night and it was EXACTLY what I needed. When is dinner with your best friends NOT what you need? Good food, good drinks, and great conversation are my favorite things in life and these girls each bring something different into my life. One is the quirky, funny girl, one is super sarcastic, one is clever and crazy smart, and one is the best nurturer I know. Growing up, I didn’t have a lot of close friends so I’m so thankful for my friends now. I think you need your friends more as you grow older. The best things about my friends is that we knew each other before we became who we are. I’ve known some of them since nearly 20 years. We’ve been through boyfriends, breakups, weddings, babies, heartbreaking losses, trips, random nights out, holidays, and anything else you can imagine. I can tell these girls anything and get support. And these girls are honest! If I tell them about something and they think I’m being pill, they let me know. They keep me in line. Last night our conversation ran from our husbands, kids, jobs, the royal wedding, clothing, makeup, birth control, religion, Hart of Dixie series (the 2 of us who have watched it are on Team Wade), our houses, patio furniture, the inappropriate things our kids say, my stepson’s Iowa State visit, college campuses, and how many other things…It was awesome. And again, I didn’t take pics. I’m the worst. I have friends who are photographers. I should pay them to take pics of stuff for me. They’re nice enough they’d do it. And then photoshop me to look better…those are the kind of people you need in your life!

So obviously, if we spent this long somewhere, we were eating and drinking. I love trying new restaurants so one of my friends suggested Taco Hangover in Ankeny. Tacos are having a moment now. They seem to be trendy food. I’ve never been a huge taco fan, probably because we only ever had the ground beef with cheap taco mix kind. When I went to Mexico, we had real tacos which were awesome. Taco Hangover was even better. We had a seat in their shaded patio (heaven after sitting at state track!) and had a variety of food. Their house margaritas are available in 16, 22, 32, or 64 ounces. 64 ounces of margarita..wow! They also have a drink called Baller on a Budget which is a bottle of Corona and a shot. We all had margaritas (or as my friend calls them “our friend Margie”) and chowed down on chips & salsa, guacamole, and queso. The guacamole was almost as good as the guacamole in Florida. Since Taco Hangover is  famous for tacos (DUH!), I tried them. I had the Beer Can Chicken and the Carne Asada tacos. Heaven. Fresh veggies, slow roasted meat, pico de gallo, and a lot of cilantro. 2 of my friends had enchiladas and raved about how good they are. We’ve talked about going to visit this summer and I’m definitely taking my husband there!

Then this morning Tiff and I went to The Whistle Stop Cafe for breakfast. Picture your typical small town cafe. That’s the Whistle Stop. Boone is a town by Ames that is famous for being one of the first railroad towns in Iowa. I had the Trainwreck breakfast which consisted of American fries (roasted potatoes), onions, peppers, and sausage. Yum. Have you noticed I talked about food a lot? I’m obsessed. I love food. I’m trying to be a better cook. Also, I like knowing exactly what I’m eating so cooking is a must. Luckily, with summer weather, I can convince my husband to grill. Which makes me even more sad that he’s Georgia.

So, what else is going on? Did anyone get up to watch the royal wedding? I woke up around 7:15 and we saw them leaving the palace. As predicted, she’s a stunner.  She looked elegant and understated. And she’s so pretty, it looked like she was barely wearing makeup! She must have learned all of Kate Middleton’s secrets. Mere mortals cannot look like that! If they ever got together and wrote a book about how to look great, it would be an instant best seller..

What am I going to do the rest of the day? I need to clean and I’m going to start packing up some stuff like winter clothes. I’m hoping that by packing up some stuff, I can get this house to sell faster. It’s like that book The Secret. If you think about it, it will happen. Maybe I better think about a million dollars. I’m also going to clean because we have house showings next week. For now, I’m going to stalk my phone and wait til the kennel calls to tell me I can pick up my dog! I missed that little nugget!

Have a fabulous weekend!

** The featured image was taken by my oldest stepdaughter, Tayler. Also, I am not compensated for this blog and all opinions are my own. Unless someone from Taco Hangover reads this and wants to pay me in free tacos. That would be amazeballs!! **

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