A Long List of Random Stuff

Hello readers! After a 2 week break, I’m back at it. I have no idea why I took 2 weeks off. Actually, I do. We’ve been busy and I haven’t thought of anything cool to write about. Or at least, anything that anyone would want to read about. Then I remembered I write for me and if no one else reads it, oh well.

You know what’s been on my mind lately? It’s really not fair to be a woman some days. I’m not talking about the fact that men generally earn more and all that stuff that Hollywood is freaking out about (although it sure as shit isn’t fair!). I’m talking about men’s bodies vs women’s bodies. About a month ago, my husband and I started lifting weights together. In 4 weeks, his shoulders are broader, his abs are flatter and he feels awesome. Guess what’s happened to me in 4 weeks? Not a damn thing. My arms may be a little more toned but my abs aren’t poppin’ like his.  And why do men get to age better? James turned 40 last September and looks better than ever. He’s getting some gray hair and on men, it’s sexy. I’m only 37 and not gray yet. And with my genetics it probably won’t happen until my mid to late 50’s. Thank God for that.  Lately, when James smiles he gets these nice crinkles around his eyes. I also have crinkles…err…wrinkles around my eyes. But they don’t look as good on me. I notice them and immediately start putting new eye cream into my budget or searching out Botox and fillers. I don’t need to look 22 again but I’d like to feel a little better about this whole aging thing. Augh…

So today, it’s 65 degrees right now. And after a week of 90 degree heat, 65 feels downright cool. If it was September, we’d all be breaking out our knee high boots and blanket scarves. Since it’s June, no one knows what to do. Poor Mother Nature can’t win.  I loved the hot weather Friday night when we went out for supper. We drove to Okoboji and went out to eat at the Okoboji Store. For you locals, it used to be The Wharf. The new owners have redone it and it’s a great atmosphere. It reminds me of some of the places we went to eat in Anna Maria Island. We ended up eating 3 appetizers instead of meals. I highly recommend the fish tacos, walleye cakes, and homemade chips. We got to sit outdoors with a great view of Lake Okoboji. Not much is better than dinner with a view. Actually a good drink helps too. I had The Store Donkey, which is actually a Moscow Mule. Everyone here loves Moscow Mules now. We drank them when I lived in Des Moines and when I moved here, whenever I’d ask for one, the bartender would look at me like I was nuts. Moscow mules consist of vodka, ginger beer, and lime. They’re best served in a copper cup for some odd reason. Anyone can make them (duh, I just gave you the recipe) but not all places make them well. Okoboji Store did an incredible job.   Their menu includes breakfast so we’re going to have to go back some weekend.

Okoboji Store
The Okoboji Store

Yesterday, I went on a Sams run with my mom. I love Sams. I need to get them to sponsor my blog since I buy so much stuff there. Right now, I’m making lunch and everything is from Sam’s. I’m having salmon and Strawberry Harvest Salad. And I’m using the Tone’s Lemon Pepper on my salmon. I’m all about quick and healthy meals and Sam’s makes it super easy with this salad. Everything is pre measured out can can be mixed up in under 2 minutes while the salmon only has to cook for 25. I also bought Flavor Bomb Cherry Tomatoes, mango salsa, and bunch of other stuff. I don’t even like tomatoes much but I LOVE these tomatoes. I don’t like crappy tomatoes that are slimy and don’t have good flavor. Flavor Bomb Tomatoes are exactly what they sound like. I love salsa but I especially love mango salsa. I forced myself to NOT buy a bag of chips because I knew I’d eat the whole thing in a day. A jar of salsa is healthy but a bag of chips is not. I ate it for breakfast with Wasa crackers and cream cheese. I bet it’s good on chicken and fish too.

Strawberry Harvest Salad and Salmon

Along with my Sams run, I also managed to buy a new pair of sandals. Weird, who goes grocery shopping and buys shoes? Me, that’s who. I didn’t get these shoes at Sams though. I went to Famous Footwear to support my mom while she looked at sandals. We each ended up with a pair. She’s a bad influence. I got the Blowfish Balla Gladiator Sandal in Pink/Blush and my mom got the Blowfish Barria Sandals in Desert Sand. Her’s were on sale for $24 so I guess she won. I wouldn’t have picked the pink sandals right away but they were so cute and the blush color is on trend right now. I wore them to the golf course last night when I met my husband after his golf tournament. I styled them with Old Navy Rockstar skinny jeans, a Gap long sleeved Tshirt, and a baseball hat. Old Navy should sponsor my blog too. Wouldn’t that be great? I should get smart and take pics of my outfit but that would mean getting a camera and I should probably spend that money on Botox. Speaking of spending money, I didn’t buy any makeup or hair stuff yesterday which is unheard of. I went into CosmoProf and only got stuff for my mom. I was as shocked as you surely are.

Last night, my sister brought her kids over to my parent’s house so I went out to see them. My niece brought her boyfriend so I got to meet him and he seems like a good kid. Except for the fact that he’s a fan of the Broncos and the Hawkeyes. My stepdaughter’s boyfriend is also a Bronco and Hawkeye fan. As an Oakland and Iowa State fan, those are the 2 teams I despise. Maybe it’s the universe trying to teach me tolerance. I  actually don’t despise fans of opposing teams, I despise jackass fans. And neither of these boys are jackass fans so they’re cool. Or at least they are around me. Whatevs.

My husband just got back from a run. He has a marathon in 2 weeks. But don’t worry, I worked out too. I don’t just sit around and complain about him being better looking than me. In fact, here are my workouts for the week:

Monday: A Little Obsessed AAA: A Little Obsessed is a preview to the 80 Day Obsession with Autumn Calabrese. AAA stands for Arms, Abs, and Ass. I love this workout. It uses weights, resistance bands and sliders.

Tuesday: Walk/Run and Yoga: I woke up Tuesday morning and felt bloated and yucky from all the stuff I ate on Memorial Day. So I laced up my shoes and went for a walk with some running intervals. That was a mistake. My knee hurt for 2 days afterwards. Then I did some yoga to cool down.

Wednesday: Total Body Hammer: My husband and I did this workout together. He likes any of Sagi Kalev’s workouts and it’s extra motivation when he lifts with me. I didn’t want to get up at 5:15 am but when I realized he was already up, I jumped out of bed. I’m too competitive and can’t let him win.

Thursday: Yoga and a walk: This was another dumb idea. The yoga in the morning wasn’t dumb but the 40 minute walk in 90 degree heat was dumb. I took my dog and had to stop several times so he could cool off. I’m a bad dog mom.

Friday: REST DAY: We didn’t workout in the morning. Then when I got home from work, James suggested going out on a date instead of working out. See above paragraph for why that was a fantastic idea.

Saturday: ISO Speed Hammer: This is another of Sagi’s workouts. James and I woke up early to lift together before his golf tournament and before I went to Sioux Falls. This workout is only 24 minutes but you’ll feel every rep.

Sunday: 22 Minute Hard Corps Cardio #1 and Yoga: 22 Minute Hard Corps is the best workout when you’re short on time. Tony Horton kicks your booty. I worked up quite the sweat and then did some yoga cool down.

That’s a long random blog post. I love sharing things I love with anyone who is ready to listen. My dream job would probably be blogging all day long. Or having a podcast where I interview super cool people. My dream guests would include Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lawrence, Juli Bauer of Paleomg, Melanie Shankle, and a bunch more cool people. And my husband. I bet he’s hoping I never start a podcast. Happy Sunday everyone!


** None of the above images are copyright. I am not compensated for this blog and all opinions are my own. ** 




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