Summer Essentials

Happy Father’s Day! We had a pretty relaxing day today. 2 of my stepkids came over and gave my husband his Father’s Day gift. (The oldest is at college.) They got him a personalized beer koozie. I sent them this as a joke and they really wanted to get it for him. Who am I to deny them? He loved it. I had it made at Kustom Threadz in Worthington, MN. I’ve had the owner, Vieng, make several things for me and she always comes through. She does some awesome work! Now we’re settled in for the night and we’re watching the latest season of The Ranch on Netflix. I love that show.  Sam Elliot is one of my favorite actors. I’ve never seen him in a comedic role, but he’s damn good. The only thing wrong with that show is that they’re Bronco’s fans. It’s just wrong….

Proof of my husband’s Father’s Day Present

Summer officially starts this week, but the summer weather started Memorial Day weekend. After the April blizzards, the 90 degree heat is awesome! Fall is my favorite season but summer is a close second. When I was a teenager, summer meant days at the pool, horseback riding, horse shows, and going to Okoboji with my friends. When I lived in Des Moines, summer meant outdoor patio bars, swimming at a friend’s pool, and all the fun festivals. Oh my gosh. The festivals in Des Moines. Taste of Des Moines, Wine Fest, Summer Fest in Ankeny, fireworks in Urbandale, Farmers Market, and the mother of all fesitvals- the Iowa State Fair. Now summer means working (because I’m an adult), attending my stepkid’s baseball/softball/basketball games, and going on Harley rides. (Usually taking a Harley to a game!) Last night we went out to Okoboji Store again. If you’re counting, that’s the third time I’ve been there in as many weeks. It’s that good. James and I split the Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl and Garlic Parmesan fries. The Poke Bowl was awesome! Ahi tuna, avocado, cucumber, Ponzu sauce, and wontons. So good! Also, we found out that Zeke’s Bait Shop is located right below the Okoboji store and they sell Busch Light Beer for whatever the temp the lake water is. So last night, the beers were 70 cents. How fun is that? Later we headed over to the Greenspace at Arnold’s Park and went to the Hairball Concert. If you haven’t been to a Hairball concert, what’s wrong with you? They are an 80’s cover band and so talented. They will do a set of Motley Crue songs, then a set of Van Halen songs…you get the idea. With each set, they dress like that band and somehow the lead singer can sound like Vince Neil, then Brett Michaels, then Eddie Van Halen. They are truly entertaining. We met up with my cousin, his wife, and their friends. Then we found my sister, my aunt and uncle, and I ran into a bunch of other cousins too. The night turned to be way more fun than we had planned. Seems like that happens more often in the summer than any other time of the year. And since summer is such a great time, here’s some summer essentials that I love:

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush
I fell in love with this eyeshadow because a YouTube makeup artist recommended it. It’s a coppery, shimmery,  color. I usually don’t do shimmer but for summer, I love it. Also, this would probably look good with any skin tone. You could maybe even use this as bronzer.


A Cute Maxi Dress
Dresses are the best in the summer when it’s 100 degrees out. I wore this maxi dress last night. I bought it 2 years ago from Walmart for $15. Last night in Okoboji, I had 4 random strangers come up to me and compliment me on it.  I know Walmart doesn’t have it anymore, but they do have a bunch more. I saw a blush colored floral print dress there last week and nearly bought it. I couldn’t find it online though.


Cute Sandals
I bought a new pair 2 weeks ago and have been loving them since. So far, I’ve worn them with skinny jeans, shorts, and now a maxi dress. I got the rose gold color but they have others as well. I know Birkenstocks are back in and I’ve also heard really good things about Sanuks.

Blowfish Balla Sandals in Pink

A Good Summer Read
I love to read. I read Summer Sisters by Judy Blume every summer. It never gets old. It’s a story of 2 girls and their friendship from ages 12-30. If you like those stories, also check out Between Friends by Debbie Macomber. I’ve made some other book recommendations in past blogs as well.

A Summer Fragrance
I’ve heard that the sense of smell triggers memories more than anything else. I swear every time I smell Body By Victoria’s Secret Perfume, it smells like summer. I also like Bath and Body Works At the Beach. I wore both of these perfumes back when I lived in Des Moines and I still wear them in the summer.

A Good SPF
We all know what sun damage can do. So just get a good SPF. My dermatologist has recommended CeraVe or Cetaphil SPF for your face. My sister sells Mary Kay so I’ve been using their Daily SPF for normal to oily skin. You use what works for you but use it so you don’t get wrinkles or skin cancer.

A Vacation or Trip
I actually don’t have anything big planned this summer. I’m heading to Des Moines in a few weeks and hopefully again for the Iowa State Fair. I haven’t been there for a few years and it’s always a good time. We were supposed to go to Duluth this weekend but my husband decided against running the marathon. So we’ve been going on date nights to Okoboji and other fun stuff. We’re hoping to get an overnight motorcycle trip sometime but that might have to wait until fall.

iowa state fair
Iowa State Fair

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s all I can think of right now. Mostly because I’m watching The Ranch and laughing. And because my dog wants attention. I feel bad for him. We haven’t been on our walks as much due to the heat. We did get a short walk in this morning. Maybe tomorrow we’ll walk after the sun goes down and it cools down. Walking him gives me time to think about life and things I want. And speaking of things I want, I want this house to sell…ok, no more of that. Go out and have a great summer!

****Some of the above images were taken by me. Some were not. None of them have a copyright. All opinions on my own and I don’t receive any compensation for this blog**

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