Deuce’s Birthday and Hot Springs

It’s Deuce’s birthday today! I’m not even going to apologize for flooding social media with his pic. I can’t help it…well, I could, but I don’t want to. James gave Deuce to me as a Christmas present in 2010 right after my hysterectomy and the depression that followed. Basically, I got Deuce because I couldn’t have a kid and the doctor thought I needed something to take care of. He’s an attention hog (he’s laying on me right now making it nearly impossible to type), he pouts a lot, and he’s moody. And he has a ton of energy.  Basically, he’s a toddler. Except that I put him in a kennel when I leave the house. You probably shouldn’t do that with a toddler. That’s bad.

Deuce and my stepdaughter, Bria, on the day we got him. They’ve both grown in 8 years! 

I mentioned in another blog that James and I took a quick afternoon trip to Hot Springs, AR last Sunday. I had heard some good things about Hot Springs and James is always up for a trip so we went. As you can guess, there are natural hot springs there. Way back when, Hot Springs was full of bathhouses. Some are still there and working and some are now museums or tourist attractions. Now it’s a spa destination. We went to the Lamar Bathhouse and got some souvenirs. They make a men’s body spray that smells incredible so I had to buy it for James. I also got some lemongrass lotion for my mom.

We spent most of our time wandering up and down the streets and checking out the shops. Someone on the street suggested we stop at the Ohio Club so we did. The Ohio Club is the oldest bar in Arkansas. It opened in 1905 and the mahogany bar dates back to the 1800’s. During Prohibition, there was a false wall to conceal the bar. If you knew the password, you could go in and drink. At one point, it was also an illegal casino. Nearly every well known gangster has been in there at one point. It was a favorite of Al Capone’s. I would highly recommend going there. They have live music 365 days a year. We didn’t see any live music but we did try their famous green beans and they were delicious!

One of our favorite shops we stopped in was the evil-O cooking store. They had all different kinds of olive oils and other cool cooking stuff. James ended up buying 3 different infused olive oils to cook with. I bought some Pineapple Jalapeno Margarita Mix for my Girls Weekend (yes that’s capitalized!) in Branson. Don’t worry, I’ll also bring them some ketones as they are fantastic at getting rid of a hangover. Don’t ask me how I know! Oh, and something else that is cool about Hot Springs is that there are a lot of dog friendly places. So many people were walking their dogs in and out of shops. I should bring Deuce but he hates car rides and he’d be crazy there. He’s not exactly a calm dog.

So right now, Deuce has himself pressed up against me and making it difficult to work. He woke me up at 5:04 am. Maybe he knows it’s his birthday. He usually waits until 5:30 or even 6:00. I’m gonna forgive him since he doesn’t always snuggle like this. I see people post about snuggling small children while they are sleeping. Maybe this is my version of it…Oh- and I’ve had SO MANY questions about ketones and what I eat in a day that I am planning a post on that. If you have any more questions, please send me a message and I will include yours! Have a great day everyone!




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