A Not So Serious List of Stuff I’m Thankful For

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this lately, but it’s November. And you know what that means..Hallmark has started Christmas movies 24/7, men are participating in No Shave November, and the 30 Days of Thankfulness is happening on social media. I’m all about being grateful for what I have in my life and some of these posts are really inspiring. However, I notice a lot of people posting the same things- grateful for husband, kids, stepkids…etc. And we should be grateful for those things! But the sarcastic and dark person in me thinks ” Well, is everything you’re thankful for so serious? I mean, I’m thankful for a lot that isn’t very deep.” I joked with my mom that I wanted to take part in the 30 Days of Thankfulness Challenge but not be so serious and she told me to go for it…I’d do it, but we all know I’d forget a day and then my perfectionist tendencies would kick in and I’d be mad at myself. So here it is- 30 Things I’m Thankful For That Aren’t Super Serious:

  1. My new car- Yes, it may be shallow but I had serious reservations about getting rid of my Yukon. I’m loving the gas mileage and all the cool stuff in it. Apple Play rocks!
  2. Makeup- I love makeup. I don’t feel right unless I have some on. Also, it makes me look nicer and that helps the people who have to look at me. You’re all welcome for this.
  3. Other blogs- I love reading Paleomg every day. I also like Jimmy Choos & Tennis Shoes (she lives in Arkansas!) and Farmhouse Fixer Upper (this is my friend Janelle!). Each of these blogs are different and seeing other women succeed makes me happy.
  4. Good restaurants- I love going out to eat and hanging out with my husband. We have the best conversations over food and being out of the house. And, well, I love food.
  5. Books- I love to read. Sometimes I read for motivation, help, or just for escapism from real life.
  6. Opposable Thumbs- We can do a lot of things animals can’t. Also, according to Robert DeNiro in “Meet The Parents” opposable thumbs are what allow us to flush the toilet.
  7. Swear Words- I know. They’re bad. But sometimes I need them to make a point. I’m working on that.
  8. Walmart and Target- these mass retailers make some cute inexpensive clothes. And I’m all about looking cute on a budget.
  9. My iPhone- I like how it hooks up to my car and the quality of pics I can take. And FaceTime. Always FaceTime.
  10. Blanket Scarves- the immediately dress up your outfit and make it look like you have your sh*t together.
  11. Sunglasses- these also make it look like you have your sh*t together by hiding your dark circles. Oh, and they keep your eyes safe.
  12. Self Tanner- I look a little better with color on my skin. However, I can’t get to the beach every week. Luckily, I can self tan and look like I did.
  13. Good hairstylists- I had a great stylist back when I lived in Sibley (Shoutout to Sophie!) and was lucky enough to find a great one here too. My hair is thick and has cowlicks. I feel bad for whoever has to work with it.
  14. Shoes- yes, I have an obsession with shoes. They always fit. That is all.
  15. Old Navy Rockstar Jeans– I LOVE the elastic waist. Since most jeans gap at my waist, the elastic waisted ones are perfect. Also, if I eat a little much, that’s cool too.
  16. The Internet- where else can you shop, write your thoughts, and watch makeup tutorials? I mean, if I have an odd question at 3:00 am, Google is always there for me. Apparently, it’s rude to call someone at 3:00 am to ask obscure questions. Also Pinterest for whenever I need an outfit idea.
  17. Headphones- so I can watch a YouTube video or listen to something else while my husband watches his shouty news shows.
  18. When I Fold Laundry and There are NO MISSING SOCKS- this helps my OCD.
  19. Candles and Scented Wax- I like my house to smell nice and inviting and not like people actually live here.
  20. Cleaning Service- my husband was right about this. It’s the best.
  21. Girls Weekends- we all need them. Enough said. Who else is gonna have a deep discussion with me about whether leggings are pants or what makeup is best for my super oily skin.
  22. Indoor Plumbing- I read a book and the girl had to use an outhouse. I’m a fan of not going outside to go to the bathroom.
  23. Living close to Target, Walmart, Ulta and all the Other Stores- I hate having to make a big trip or order online and wait for something to be shipped. I love the convenience of hopping in the car and being where I need to be in 20 mins.
  24. Mean Girls- One of my favorite movies. And the source of most of my humor.
  25. Leftovers- Because I don’t like to cook. Or figure out what to eat.
  26. Having Exact Change-This satisfies my perfectionist issues. Also, I hate change jingling around.
  27. The Office- I laugh out loud every time we watch an episode. That’s what she said!!!
  28. Modern Medicine- Basically, I don’t want dysentary. Is that a thing? Or was that only on Oregon Trail?
  29. Deodorant- No one likes BO. Unless you do. In that case, you’re weird.
  30. Starbucks- Where else am I gonna get overpriced coffee? I mean, I need caffeine to get through Target!

There you have it. A list of stuff I’m thankful for that isn’t real deep or poignant. I keep hearing how you should appreciate the little things in life so I’m taking some time to do that. What is something you’re thankful for? Leave it in the comments below or send me a message. Oh- and since I’ve had so many people who haven’t seen my posts due to social media algorithms (thanks a lot Mark Zuckerberg!) please send me your email address so I can start to develop my email list. That’s all!


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