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Yesterday was  my nephew’s 13th birthday. I can’t. I just can’t. How is he 13? He’s supposed to be 5. My niece posted a pic of him standing by a Hooter’s girl. What? No. Just, no. He’s supposed to want to hang out with me and still think I’m cool. He still seems to be excited to see me and he actually texts back so I suppose maybe I’m still a little cool in his eyes. I’m sure that will change as soon as he gets a car. Or a girlfriend. Augh…I need to slow down.

Tim Katee Kylee
My nephew and my nieces.

Ok, enough of my meltdown. Last week, my mom and I did some shopping at the Legends Outlets in Kansas City. It was a blast and we found some great deals. However, every time we found something and it wasn’t available in our size or in the color we wanted, we’d immediately look online. And we’d mostly look on Amazon Prime. Why? Because 2 day shipping, y’all! I admit I was a little late to the Amazon Prime party but I’ve joined now and I can’t stop. I’ve found some great deals on here and I think it’s only right to share. Here’s my latest roundup:

  1. AvaCostume Women’s Long Sleeve Slim Fit Denim Shirt: I got this over a year ago and I still wear it all the time. A denim shirt never goes out of style. I’ve worn this with shorts, jeans, skirts and it always looks good. Check the sizing though. It was a little wide on me, so I ended up getting a tailor to take in in a bit. IMG_0186
  2. OCHENTA Women’s Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt: I got this after a shopping trip that nearly drove me to tears. Why is it so hard to find a cute flannel that fits my shoulders and my waist and is long enough for my long torso? I ended up ordering this one in Green Red and I love it! It’s real flannel and really good quality. Again, check that sizing. When I ordered it, I had to order a 3XL because it was Asian sizing. Thankfully, they’ve updated it to include the US sizes. I like this because it’s long enough to wear with leggings if you choose. I’m considering ordering this in another color. Who am I kidding? I’ll probably order it as soon as I finish this post.
  3. Voghtic Women’s Color Block Cardigan: I’d seen several fashion bloggers on Instagram wearing this type of cardigan and thought it was really cute. I love the burnt orange color but it looks terrible on me. This is a good way for me to wear it. I also didn’t want to pay nearly $100 for a cardigan so I found this one on Amazon. It’s much more affordable and just as cute.

    Color Block Cardigan- that’s not me in the pic!
  4. Rock & Candy Chelsea Bootie: I actually bought these in Kansas City but found them here too. I purchased them in Taupe but now I kind of want them in the Brown color too! These fit fairly true to size so don’t worry about ordering online. I’ve worn them several times and they’re comfortable too. I like the Taupe color because it’s really versatile. So far, I’ve owned them a week and worn them with skinny jeans, flared jeans, and boyfriend jeans. My husband never notices shoes and he even complimented these!
  5. BTFBM Women’s Leopard Print Cardigan: What can I say? Cardigans are life. They’re comfy, they always, fit and the longer cardigans make you look skinnier by creating a long, lean line.(Write that down.) I love leopard print too. This comes in several colors of leopard print and I like the khaki color best but you do you! I’d probably wear this with skinny jeans and my new boots.  IMG_0194
  6. POSEHE Blanket Scarves: I mentioned in a previous post that I loved blanket scarves. (I’m pretty basic!). They immediately dress up an outfit and make you look a little polished. Sometimes the blanket scarves are super bulky. Luckily, my mother in law shared a tip with me. She had went to a boutique and got a blanket scarf but mentioned it was too bulky. The sales associate offered to cut it for her after she paid for it. Here’s the trick: Buy a square blanket scarf. Lay it flat on the floor and cut from corner to corner on the diagonal making 2 triangles. Keep it or give one triangle to a friend. My stepdaughter loves this trick because she’s usually the beneficiary! I do this to all of my blanket scarves now. I like this brand because it has a variety of colors. So far I own it in Brown Red and Blue. However, I’ll probably order it in Dark Red too. So now Tayler knows what will be in her stocking….


That’s just a few of the things I love on Amazon right now. With Christmas coming up, it’s a great way to shop. Or maybe get something for yourself. I mean, if you’re doing all the Christmas shopping, you probably deserve a gift. Just wrap it and act surprised on Christmas morning.

I better get moving for the day. Deuce let me sleep until 6:30 this morning. However, he’s making up for it by being extra needy. Lately, he’s been getting me up between 5:00 and 5:30 as soon as my husband leaves for work. I guess I’m learning to be a morning person. I reward myself with a cup of coffee. I made another batch of Fat Bombs yesterday so I may reward myself with one of those too. If you have any Amazon finds, please let me know! I’m needing gift ideas for myself…I mean for Christmas!


** This post contains affiliate links I may be compensated for. This compensation will help keep this blog up and running. If you’re uncomfortable with that, just go to the site and order them yourself.** 


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