Real Healthy Holiday Tips

Good morning! It’s currently 6:16 am. Deuce woke me up at 5:30 am. All because he wanted me to pet him. Currently he’s sleeping on a blanket on the floor. He does that. He wakes me up by whining and I make myself coffee and sit on the couch for a few minutes. Then he goes right back to sleep. And I’m wide awake. I’ve been told children do this too. 

I spent some time reading my last 2 posts and realized I sounded really negative. That isn’t like me. I can usually look on the positive side of things. I had a rough few days. Then I feel bad for being negative when there are people going through so much worse than me. People I know and love are dealing with divorce, addiction, and sickness. People in California have had their homes ruined by the fire. Not having a job offer seems pretty small compared to those things. And gee..starting out the morning by talking about divorce and wildfires isn’t exactly positive either! What I’m trying to say is that this is just something I have to deal with. And I will. I spent some time FaceTiming with my niece and nephew last night and that was good for me. 

Onto better things. If you’ve looked at Instagram or Facebook for a hot minute, you know the great Christmas Decorating Debate is going on right now. Decorate before Thanksgiving or after Thanksgiving? I love Christmas.  However, I’m on Team Decorate After Thanksgiving. Why? Because I love Thanksgiving too. And I think any holiday centered around eating and watching football and/or taking a nap deserves it’s own celebration. Our tradition is to decorate Thanksgiving night or that weekend. This year, I’m hoping to get it done Thursday night or Friday morning. My parents are coming to visit on Friday! I’m excited to show them the house and play tour guide. We may also do some looking at potential houses and drive to Hot Springs to check it out. Hopefully the weather cooperates. It’s currently 28 degrees outside. I know it’s warmer than Iowa, but it’s cold for these parts. I’m told this is abnormally cold for this time of year. 

Whether you decorate before or after Thanksgiving, I think we can all agree that eating healthy time time of year can be a challenge. People bring treats into your office, there’s family celebrations, and yummy foods that you don’t get every day of the year. I guess that’s one good thing about not having a job- no office treats! I keep reading articles on “How to Beat the Holiday Weight Gain” and some of the tips are straight up dumb! Look, if my grandma’s homemade Bing bars are there, I’m eating some. I’m not gonna sit there with a carrot stick and look at them longingly. That’s not the holiday spirit at all. I’m also tired of the BS tips telling you to focus on family and not on food. Ok, focus on your family. But in my opinion, holidays are also about food! So here are my tips for having a healthier holiday: 

  1. Move your body: I’ve said it before and I’m gonna say it again. Exercise is important. Walk on the treadmill, lift some weights, do some yoga. Be active 5 days a week and I guarantee you’ll feel better. Find a friend to workout with. See if your city has a Turkey Trot, which is a 5 or 10K the morning of Thanksgiving. You don’t have to run but getting 3-6 miles walking or running is a great way to start your holiday. 
  2. Drink your water: If you can drink a gallon a day, do it. If you can’t, that’s fine too. Just drink water. Get yourself a Ozark or Yeti stainless steel cup and fill it several times throughout the day. Water helps bloat and helps you to know when you’re truly hungry or just thirsty. Dehydration sucks! 
  3. Drink your ketones: Yes, I said it. But these are scientifically proven to help you. Look, I was not believing the hype either. Then I tried them and love them. And then other people tried them and loved them. If you want more info contact me because I’m not dedicating this entire post to ketones. I did that in a previous post. 
  4. Eat your normal meals: You’re probably not going to a holiday party every day. If you are,  bravo to you! Make a meal plan. I know it seems geeky, but planning out your meals in advance or at least planning dinner every night takes the guesswork out. Eat your normal healthy meals and eat treats only at celebrations. 
  5. Eat the damn treats: I know I just said to eat normally, but you should also allow yourself treats. Just eat the treats that are worth it. For me, I could care less about a sugar cookie, but I’m all about those pretzels with the chocolate kiss on top or some sort of crackers and dip. And guess what? I eat those. And I eat the pickle wraps and the snack mix. If you want the treat and you’re not allergic or it doesn’t affect you badly, eat it. If it makes you sick, don’t. Duh. Cousin Eddy doesn’t eat squirrels because he read they’re high in cholesterol. (Bonus points for you if you got that reference!) 
  6. Bring your own treats: No, I’m not going to tell you to bring the veggie platter and only eat that. Bring the treat YOU want. In my family, I’m in charge of the buffalo chicken dip. Hey, it’s low carb until you add tortilla chips but it’s also great with veggies! Eat it with a spoon if you want. I scrambled some leftovers with eggs one time and that was delicious! If your tradition is to make cookies with your kids, do it! Heck, drink the eggnog too. 
  7. Let it go: Be like Elsa. Belt out the song if you need to. If you do indulge too much, give yourself some grace. No one is perfect! Go get some exercise and get your endorphins. And at the next celebration, when you’re reaching for that 5th cup of eggnog, remember how you felt when you had too much. Actually, if you’re on your 5th cup of eggnog, you’ve probably already had too much. 

Maybe those seem like common sense, but I see so much BS out there about how to be healthy. You have to do what’s best for YOU and give yourself a little grace while you’re at it. Although the holidays are truly the most wonderful time of the year, they can also create a lot of stress. Just ask Clark Griswold!  


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  1. I didn’t find your previous 2 posts negative! You were real. That’s what makes your blogs the best. Plus, it lets those who to know how to pray for you! 💗


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