A New Holiday Tradition

Hello and happy Sunday! Deuce let me sleep until 7:50 this morning which is late for him. And me. Yesterday James put up lights on our mailbox and tree. He hasn’t put up lights in years and I nag him every year with no luck. I was surprised when he mentioned it last weekend and got lights while we were in Walmart. Something about the 60 degree temps must have convinced him that Christmas lights weren’t so bad. I’ve noticed more people decorate their yards here in the South. Yesterday our neighbors put up Christmas lights and we did to. By “we” I mean James put them up and I stood around and talked to the neighbors. Teamwork. 

As much as some people go all out around here, it was nothing compared to what we saw last night. I decided to see what was happening in Little Rock and found out the Arkansas State Capitol Christmas Lighting Ceremony was starting.  I mentioned it to James and when we realized we only had 40 minutes to get there, we jumped in the car and drove. We got there after the ceremony started but still got pretty close. I had seen the capitol building while we were in Little Rock but it’s even more beautiful up close. It’s all white and after looking it up, I found out it has been used in a lot of movies. The ceremony wasn’t super exciting but they had the Secretary of State (Mark Martin) speak, someone sang the Star Spangled Banner, and Santa and Mrs Claus made an appearance. Then they flipped the switch and the building was lit up. It was incredible!  They also had fireworks behind the capitol and tours of the building. We didn’t go inside and left while the fireworks were going to stay ahead of traffic. 

After we left, we decided to go downtown and eat. We drove by the Copper Grill on the way to park and decided to try it out.  It was a neat upscale bar and grill and all  types of people were there last night. People dressed in college sweatshirts cheering for their favorite team to people in evening gowns and tuxes. The bartender told there was a cotillion going on and that’s why people dressed up. Cotillion is when kids in 5th through 8th grade go through social manners and dance classes. Then they get to attend a big ball. It’s a Southern thing and I think it’s cool.  Good manners are really important and knowing how to act in social situations is just something useful for everyone. As neat as it was to people watch, the food was even better. We had an appetizer of their Millionaire Bacon and Pimento Cheese Dip. The bacon is candied and it’s soooo good. Then I had their Roasted Pear Salad with chicken. Greens, roasted pears, walnuts and pistachios, chicken, and a goat cheeseball. It was one of the best salads I’ve ever had. I want to go back just for that salad. I think every place we find is my new favorite. Did I remember to take a pic of my food? Nope! 

While we were eating, we talked about how much we like the area we’ve moved to. I love how Little Rock always has something going on. The nice weather doesn’t hurt either. It’s much easier to go do something when you don’t have to brave the frigid temps! We’ve really embraced the Little Rock area as our new home. After we got home, I posted some pics on Instagram and used the hashtag #littlerock. Later, I saw that some people liked it and one of those people was the Arkansas Secretary of State. I have no clue if he runs his own Instagram, but it was flattering. James and I have also noticed how friendly the people are here. Last night at the bar, the bartender talked to us for a little bit and told us to come back when it wasn’t busy and he would tell us some fun places to go in Arkansas. Our neighbors are incredibly nice and I’ve met some fun people at the gym too. Now that we’ve found some fun places, we’re excited for the kids to visit us later this month. We plan on taking them to the capitol so they can see it all lit up. We also plan on showing them downtown Little Rock and finding a few more things for them to do. 

All in all, this has been another great weekend. The past 2 weekends have had a lot going on so it’s nice to relax. Friday night we watched James’s son play basketball. They live stream everything on YouTube so we put it on the TV and watched. I love that they do that so we can still see him play. 

I hope you’re all having a great weekend. If you’re reading this from Sibley, I hope you’ve been able to get your driveway cleared off so you can get out and about! My mom sent me some pics of the blizzard yesterday. I responded with pics of James putting lights up and the 68 degree temps we were having! I’m sure she was thrilled. We’re going to watch some football today and relax. I started reading Spending the Holidays with  People I Want to Punch in the Throat by Jen Mann. She is hilarious! Please know I don’t feel like punching any of my family in the throat but this book is just good comic relief. I also read Skipping Christmas by John Grisham again. That’s the book Christmas with the Kranks movie was based on. That is one of my favorite Christmas movies. I should make a list of them…that’s another post. 

Have a great Sunday!

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