Amazon Gift Guide

I was flipping through TV channels while cooking and one segment on a show happened to catch my eye. It was regarding outdoor Christmas decor. The host and guest were making their house into a gingerbread house and making all of their own decorations. Why? Isn’t that why stores like Lowes and Menards exist? I love Christmas and I like the lights but damn…making my own? I draw the line there. I was impressed with myself for filling some vases and crates with evergreen filler. I sure as shit won’t be using insulation foam and a hot glue gun to make lollipops to hang outside my house.  This is why women feel inadequate. We think we’re doing ok and then someone comes along and handmakes Christmas decorations! The holidays are stressful enough without having to make your own decorations by hand!

Anyhow, holiday stress isn’t the point of this blog.  We all know Christmas is coming up. Duh- I mentioned that in the first paragraph. And one of the things that might be stressing you out is gifts. I’m an ok gift giver. I come from a line of great gift givers. My mom is awesome at it. We make lists but somehow, my mom always manages to find something that surprises me and I end up loving. I don’t think it’s any fun to just get stuff off someone’s list. Where’s the surprise? Where’s the thoughtfulness?  Well, I’m here to help you! I’m an Amazon junkie. I order a lot of presents and stuff there. Why? Because 2 day shipping rocks. I’ve found a lot of quality products there too. So here it is- my Amazon Gift Round up: 

  1. Blanket scarves: I mentioned this in a previous post and if you take a look on Pintrest or Instagram, blanket scarves are a big trend. You can always cut them in half- bonus if you have daughters that are stylish. Well, unless they don’t want matching scarves.  
  2. CC BeanieTail hats and Beanie hats: I have one of these I received a few years ago and it’s so warm. Now they made some with a ponytail hole in it. I’ve seen a lot of fashion bloggers wearing the hat with the pom pom on top. I don’t think I could pull that off but some people can! A good hat can make a cold day or a bad hair day a lot better.
  3. L&N Rainbery Teardrop Leather Earrings:  These leather earrings are super trendy right now. I ordered these same ones and love them! Every time I wear them, I get a compliment.
  4. Duduma Premium Aviator Sunglasses: Aviators are my favorite. They work well for my face shape and I have several pairs. I refuse to spend a lot on my sunglasses because I’ve lost so many pairs- mostly while out with my horses. I bought an expensive pair once. My horse stepped on them. Fantastic. Not only did I lose $$, but I got to pick it out of his hooves. 
  5. Libbey Craft Brews Beer Party Set: Fact-most men like beer. Fact- Craft beer is cool right now. Different types of beer are supposed to be served in different types of glasses. This set includes glasses for Stouts, IPA, and Wheat Beers. It also comes with coasters and a bottle opener. It will make your house feel like a cool bar.
  6. Ohuhu BBQ Tools Grilling Set: Men love cooking  with fire. It appeals to their caveman side. This grilling set includes a knife, spatula, meat shredders, and more. And it’s all in a handy case. Buy a man a grilling set, he’ll make you a meal. It’s science. 
  7. Kindle Fire HD: Ok, this is basically on here because I need a new Kindle so I’ve been looking at them. Mine is 4 years old and has only like 5 GB of memory. The new ones have 16 or 32 GB. Mine is full and I’d like to be able to buy more books in the future! 
  8. Board Games: Yes, we have electronics but playing a board game is a great family activity. Unless you’re playing Cards Against Humanity– that’s not so family friendly. I really want to get What Do You Meme? and I like Scattergories but my husband refuses to play since I always win. For the little kids, Candyland, Connect 4, and Chutes and Ladders are always good. Plus, it gives them something to do while the adults are hanging out and eating at the Christmas celebrations. 

I hope that helps you with your holiday shopping! While you’re at it, buy something for yourself! 

*This post contains affiliate links I may be compensated for. This helps to keep the blog up and running**

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