Exercise Tips to Keep You Fit

Last Friday, I posted something on my Facebook regarding exercising when I didn’t feel like it. I got several comments, but A LOT of private messages asking me how to start or stick with an exercise program and it got me thinking about my own fitness.

I’ve always been fairly active. I never played many sports but I rode horse and took dance lessons. In college, I went to the rec center to workout but after college, it all kind of fell away. I was more interested in eating chips and salsa and having drinks with friends. (I’m still into those things!) So when my cardiologist told me to lose 10 pounds, it was a wake up call. Shortly after that, I started working somewhere that had a gym and exercising during my lunch hour. Now I have exercised so long that fitness is just a part of my life. I don’t always feel like working out though, so I want to share with you the ways I’ve created a good relationship with fitness.

  1. Write out your reasons WHY. Why do you want to exercise? Do you want to feel better and more confident in your own skin? Have more energy? Sleep better? Write it all out. Then write out your excuses. Now, write out a way to bust through those excuses. For example, if you have kids and can’t get to a gym, you can get DVD’s or go online to find workouts. If time is an issue, look at your schedule. I guarantee you can find at last 20 minutes.
  2. Make it affordable. So many people shy away from exercise because of cost. It’s true that some gyms are expensive, but most are pretty affordable. If you can’t afford a gym membership, find some DVDs, or check out Beachbody on Demand. For a yearly subscription, you can get over 300 workouts. If money is really tight, go to YouTube. Popsugar Fitness has a variety of different workouts from beginner to advanced and they’re FREE. If you have a computer, tablet, smartphone, or a Smart TV, you can workout. If you need equipment, check out these bands. I have them and they’re great quality for low cost. Also, check out your local WalMart as they have inexpensive equipment too.
  3. Find an accountability buddy. This helps so much! I sign up for classes at our gym and I know that if I don’t show up, the other girls will ask where I was! If your friend doesn’t live close, FaceTime each other while you work out or make a deal to send each other a quick Snapchat with the time stamp on it. Or use the app MyFitnessPal and add your friends. You log your workouts and you can cheer each other on. I’m on there as kjwasmund if you need a buddy!
  4. Buy some cute clothes. No on wants to look like a slob when they workout. Name brand workout gear can get expensive. Most of my workout clothing comes from Old Navy or Walmart. They have nice activewear at a reasonable price. If you have new clothes or new shoes, it suddenly makes it more fun!
  5. Reward Yourself. Set a goal, a small goal, and then reward yourself. Maybe you make yourself the deal that if you exercise 3 times this week, you can buy a new pair of shoes or a new book. Or reward yourself with a hot bat with Epsom salts for sore muscles. DO NOT reward yourself with junk food. You don’t want to undo all of your hard work!
  6. Multi-Task. We all love to binge on Netflix or our favorite show. So why not binge on it while you’re on the treadmill? Our gym has TV’s in the treadmills so if I’m there, I watch TV or go watch YouTube hair or makeup tutorials. It makes the workout go by much quicker.
  7. Find an exercise you love. Maybe you like weightlifting, or cardio, or yoga, or even running. Try new things and find what you like. You’ll never want to workout if you hate what you’re doing. I hate to run. I’ve tried to be a runner several times in my life and I despise it. However, I love weights and kickboxing so I do those types of things. If you don’t know what you like, go to your gym classes or check out different types of workouts on YouTube. Exercise doesn’t have to be a super hard boot camp type workout if that’s not your thing. Taking a walk with your dog can be exercise!
  8. Just Do It. Nike’s slogan is still around because it’s true. Somedays I don’t feel like working out at all. If I know it would make me feel better, I find a 20 minute workout and do it. A lot of times, after 20 minutes, I want to keep workout out. If I do 20 minutes and I’m done, then that’s fine. I got that time in and I can move on with my day.
  9. Listen to your body. Our bodies are incredibly intelligent. If you listen to your body, it will show you what makes it feel it’s best. You might feel like a million bucks after a kickboxing workout, or feel stronger after lifting weights, or feel more peaceful after yoga. Write it down if you have to and you’ll start to see a pattern.

Those are just my tips. All of those have helped me stick with exercise for over a decade. Hopefully, one or two of them helps you too! I’ve also decided I’m going to start posting my weekly workouts to make myself accountable. So here’s last week’s round up:

Monday: Liift 4 Back & Biceps, 50/50. Weights and cardio in 35 minutes. Can’t get much better than that.

Tuesday: Barre Class at our gym. Holy leg work. Now I see why ballet dancers have incredible legs. I didn’t know what to expect but damn, 15 minutes in and my legs were shaking.

Wednesday: REST DAY. Too rainy to walk outside and my body was tired.

Thursday: Walked Deuce for 30 minutes and then went to Yoga class.

Friday: RIPPED Class at the gym. This class kicks butt with resistance, interval, plyo work, and kickboxing.

Saturday: I did this yoga workout and then Piyo Sculpt. I only did the leg portion of the Piyo as I was tired and not feeling my best.

Sunday: Weights at the gym. I worked my upper body and did 15 minutes on the treadmill to warm up. Later, we took Deuce on a 40 minute walk through a hilly part of our neighborhood.

What did YOU do for exercise this week?


  1. I totally agree with the “just do it” part. It is better not to think too much and just get on with it. I am more likely to stick to my exercise routine if I stop thinking about why I do not want to get up early etc.


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