Workout Roundup and Superbowl Smack Talk

If you want to be in a good mood, I’d suggest not going on social media today. Unless you live under a rock, you watched the Superbowl last night so you know the score was 13-3. Yes, it was a low scoring game. No, it wasn’t the most exciting game. That’s what happens when you have great defense- you don’t let the other team score. When you put the two best teams together, and the offense is amazing- it’s a high scoring game. When the defense on fire, it’s a low scoring game. It’s practically common sense.

So if you go on social media, everyone is whining that it was a boring game, the half time show sucked, the sound was bad, Adam Levine has too many tattoos, NFL is rigged, Tom Brady is a cheater…..blah blah blah. It was annoying me and then I remembered a quote that I love.

Stop what you’re doing and think about that. Anyone who is sitting there sharing shit on social media and complaining about the Superbowl isn’t playing in the Superbowl or the halftime show. I’m all for freedom of speech but I’m not for bringing another person down. Throw your opinions out for a minute and take a look at the facts. (If you’ve read To Kill a Mockingbird, remember when Atticus says,”Take away the adjectives and you’re left with the facts.” Another fabulous quote.) Tom Brady has been to the Superbowl more times than any other quarterback. He’s won the Superbowl more times than any other quarterback. Adam Levine has talent and makes a living off of his voice. He clearly wasn’t lip syncing last night. Both Tom Brady and Adam Levine clearly work out hard and don’t eat a lot of junk so they can stay in peak physical condition. Also, they’re both married to supermodels. It infuriates me that people sitting on their couch with their Smartphones have the audacity to complain that the Superbowl is boring. If you want a more exciting Superbowl, put down the Doritos, get your booty up off the couch and go play some professional football. Form a band play at next year’s halftime show. Actually put yourself out there before you make a snarky comment.

And look, I’m just as guilty. I’ve caught myself saying stuff like “Gee…poor Giselle. Must be rough to look like that and be married to a Superbowl winning quarterback.” Then I stop and think about how it really is for her. She eats healthy, works out and puts a ton of time and energy into maintaining her body and looks. That’s not easy. She’s probably stuck at home with the kids when he’s off traveling for away games. He’s an intense person so I bet being married to him isn’t exactly a cake walk. When I think about it that way, I quit judging and start thinking.

Ok, rant over. The real point of this blog is to talk about workouts. Actually, scratch that, the rant probably isn’t over. I got told that putting workouts on my blog every week wasn’t the best idea. Well, I’m doing it to keep myself accountable, to give my readers ideas for new workouts, and because I think it’s important. Working out hard has kept me off heart medication, has kept me from extra heart surgeries and makes me more confident in general. With that said, here are my workouts for last week:

Monday: Shadowboxing Class at my gym. I loved this. 45 minutes of kicking, punching, and yelling. Great stress reliever.

Tuesday: Barre Class at my gym. I loved this too. My legs and arms were shaking by the end. And I have a new respect for ballerinas.

Wednesday: REST day

Thursday: 30 minutes on the treadmill (while watching makeup tutorials on YouTube) and Yoga Class at night

Friday: RIPPED Class in the morning and Piyo Class at night. This was not my brightest idea doing these two in a day. RIPPED stands for Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyo, Endurance and something else. It’s a killer. Then I went back for Piyo because I needed a stretch. Piyo is definitely more difficult than yoga. I was exhausted that night – in a good way.

Saturday: I did this Boho Beautiful Yoga and then walked Deuce for 30 minutes.

Sunday: I walked Deuce for about 40 minutes through a really hilly neighborhood. My legs were toast by the end of it.

What did you do for workouts last week? Did you feel good about what you did? Did you try something new? Working out shouldn’t be a chore! Somedays it is, but I always feel better when I do!

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  1. I have plenty of things to worry on but the Super Bowl ain’t it. People need to enjoy it for what it is: a game and entertainment! I personally loved the Amazon Echo commercial with Harrison Ford and the Boston pup. Loved the quote:)


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