Workout Roundup

Happy Tuesday! This post is a day late because I was traveling all day yesterday for a job interview. Companies are hiring again after the New Year and let’s just say the job market feel a lot better than it did two months ago.

Last weekend James and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. We were going to go away to Hot Springs but the weather was cold and rainy so we postponed that. Hot Springs is more fun when you can walk around and see things. We had brunch at Lost 40 Brewing and loved it. Anywhere you can get beef brisket for breakfast is ok with me! I’ve already told James I want to go back this weekend. We also spent some time looking for some stuff for our new house. We need barstools and a fridge. I made a post on Facebook about how we are not the most romantic people, but he surprised me with an anniversary ring! I had no idea he was getting me one so now I have to go have it attached to my wedding and engagement rings. I got him a new pair of Brooks running shoes. He totally won at gift giving…

Somebody reminded me it’s Valentine’s Day this weekend. Valentines Day is the most pointless holiday of the year. All the chocolate is cool, but you can get chocolate any day you want it. That’s a fact. Since our anniversary is so close to Valentine’s Day, we don’t celebrate. I got James a card but we won’t go out or get presents or anything. Maybe I’ll go buy some chocolate on Feb 15 when it’s on sale.

Ok, back to the point of this post. My Weekly Workout Roundup. I have to post this to keep myself accountable. And to try to give people ideas for workouts. Lately, I’ve been loving the classes at my gym. I get out of the house, I talk to people, and I don’t have to try to figure out what workout I want to do. I just pick my classes and show up. Since the classes are an hour long, I get a better workout than if I worked out at home. At home, I don’t have the patience to workout longer than 30-45 minutes. I hope these posts give you an idea in case you’re stuck in a workout rut!

Monday: I did this yoga in the morning to stretch myself out and move a little. At night I went to 30/30 Class at my gym. 30/30 is 30 minutes of weights and 30 minutes of Zumba. It’s a lot of fun! I burned a ton of calories and got in a great workout.

Tuesday: I had a migraine so I skipped my Barre Class and did this yoga workout.

Wednesday: Upper Fix from the 21 Day Fix Workout Program. I like this because it works your upper body in 30 minutes.

Thursday: Barre Class at the gym. I love Barre Class! It’s 60 minutes of barre work and an incredible leg toner.

Friday: Burn Intervals from the ChaLEAN program from Beachbody. I was supposed to go to RIPPED Class but my car had a flat tire… I hate missing RIPPED class!

Saturday: Weight Workout at the gym. I usually make up my own weight workouts and alter them if the machines I want are busy. Here’s what I did:
3 x 10 (3 rounds of ten reps each)

Chest Press Tricep Dips on bench Lateral Raises
Bicep Curls Bulgarian Lunge on bench Post Delt Flies
Leg Press Rows on the machine Adductor Press
** Would it help if I put the weight I used for reference? Let me know.

Sunday: Strength Intervals from Piyo workout from Beachbody. I didn’t really feel like working out because my body was tired but I knew I wouldn’t work out on Monday.

Someone suggested I do a “What I Eat in a Day” post. I’m a little hesitant on that because people have such different nutrition needs but maybe I will! Have a good day and let me know what you did for workouts!

** The featured image is not me. My back doens’t look like that…yet..*

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