Just a Few of my Pet Peeves…

It’s Friday and it’s been a great week. However, today my dog is being super annoying. Running around the house, pouting when I don’t pay attention to him, and constantly wanting out and in. I think it’s because it’s raining and we haven’t been able to take a walk in two days. Now my freshly mopped floors have dog prints all over them. Of course, that got me thinking about stuff that annoys me. I’m annoyed easily, I’ll admit. Certain shit drives me crazy. I have a ton of pet peeves. And yes, I decided to write about them because hey, it’s my blog, and I’ll write about what I want. So here it is…a list of crap that annoys me:

  1. People who are chronically late. Hey, we all run late every once in awhile. But if you’re late to everything you go to, you make other people late and/or keep them waiting. Being on time isn’t rocket science. I’m early or on time to everything, as is my husband. If you make me late because you didn’t plan, I’m irritated.
  2. People who send Snapchats or take pics while driving. Put your damn phone down and drive. It’s not safe! If you’re driving in a blizzard, you shouldn’t be out on the road anyway. Don’t put yourself and others in jeopardy by taking a damn Snapchat so that all 14 of your followers know you’re driving in the snow. Which brings me to my next pet peeve….
  3. People who post social media questions such as,”How are the roads today?” Well, let’s see. The interstates are closed and there is no travel advised. And check your social media- someone has posted a video of themselves driving in it. Go back to the 1990s and listen to the radio. They’ll update you.
  4. People who hate on something because it’s cool to hate on. Example: Everyone hates Tom Brady. Or everyone hates Nickelback. Even if you loved them before, you hate them now. People hate on something they have no idea about. If you genuinely hate something, that’s cool. As long as you did your research and have a reason to hate it.
  5. People who say shit like, “I bet you’re more than just a stepmom!” or “You’re not a stepmom. You’re a bonus mom!” I’m no bonus. My stepkids would probably agree! I’m a stepmom. No need to church it up. (10 points if you got the movie reference). People seem to want to make me feel better about being a stepmom. Guess what? I’m ok with it! I don’t need to be consoled! Also, stepmotherhood is NOT consolation motherhood. It’s a completely different thing. I could make a whole blog post about this. Maybe I will. Sidenote: if someone gives a genuine compliment such as, “You’re a good stepmom,” or, “You seem like you really care about your stepkids,” that’s totally cool. Those show you appreciate and pay attention to reality. “Stepmom” is not a dirty word.
  6. People who use poor grammar. I get it, some grammar rules are stupid. But if you’ve graduated elementary school, you know most grammar rules. Use “there”, “their” and “they’re” correctly. Oh- and people who use the word “literally” incorrectly. You don’t literally love something more than life itself. You’re (that’s another word people need to know!) not literally going to kill your husband for leaving his socks out. Or maybe you are. That’s a whole ‘nother problem… If you don’t know how to use it, don’t use it. Again, this could be an entire blog post!
  7. People who call me “Carrie” after I’ve told you my name is “Kari.” My name is pronounced “Car-EE”. Like the word “car” with a long “E” at the end. If I’ve told you this, don’t call me Carrie over and over! It’s not my damn name. My worst experience was when I told someone my name and they said, ” Oh nice to meet you Carrie.” I corrected them and they said, ” Oh. Right. Carrie.” I’m not Carrie Underwood. My name is different. Use it correctly. On another note, my husband’s name is “James.” He goes by “James”. When he introduces himself to people and they immediately call him ” Jim”, it annoys the shit out of both of us. His name isn’t Jim. He told you his damn name. Augh…
  8. People who stand in the middle of somewhere and talk loudly. I’m trying to get through the grocery store and you’re standing there in the middle of damn aisle (probably right in front of what I need!) yakking about your kids school program, you’re just being rude. I totally get it- I’ve run into people and chatted with them. Just be considerate and move out of the way.
  9. People who bring their kids to inappropriate places. It’s 9:00 pm, I’m sitting at the bar with my husband having a drink and there’s a 2 year old yelling and crying. It’s rude to other people. I get it…sometimes you’re on a road trip and you have to bring the kid somewhere you normally wouldn’t. Or your sitter cancelled. But other people may not appreciate it. We were scheduled to go out to eat with some friends and their sitter cancelled at last minute. My friend called that afternoon and said, “Our sitter got sick. I know we had plans to go out, but would you mind coming over here instead and we can grill out? We can make a couple of drinks once I get her to sleep. I know it isn’t what we planned, but we’d still like to hang out with you.” Of course I’m going to change plans! Or we could even go out earlier if you need to bring your kid. That doesn’t bother me at all. Similarly, if you want to talk about your kids bowel movements, don’t do it when you’re out eating. I was drinking a Colorado Bulldog and a girl I know was talking about her baby’s poop. I couldn’t even finish it. And I definitely needed it.
  10. Cardi B. Yes, she has talent. Yes, I even like some of her music. The first time I ever heard her music was on the Jimmy Fallon show and I liked it. But then I heard her talk. Her poor grammar irritated me. “Just because I was a stripper don’t mean I don’t got no brains!” My eyes rolled back into my head. People look up to her and she talks like that? Last week she won a Grammy. Then she got flowers and someone wrote a Tom Petty lyric on them. She went on social media and thanked him. Tom Petty died in 2017…how does she not know this? I can’t…I just can’t.

There you go. There’s 10 things that annoy me. I love hearing people’s pet peeves. What are yours?

** The featured pic isn’t me. It’s Karen from Mean Girls. But you probably knew that**

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  1. Thanks, Carrie. You’re post literally made me LOL. Btw, the roads were horrible driving home last night and most of the way I was guessing where the edge was. PM me for pics. More snow today. Hope you and Jim our enjoying Arkansas! Gtg now, I am going to be late…


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