Workouts, KT Tape, and Fitness Scandals

Happy Monday! I know most people hate Mondays but I figure if I bring a positive attitude, everything will be better, right? I actually don’t mind Mondays. They’re a new start and a clean slate. Yes, I know the week begins on Sunday, but to me, Monday is the first day of the week.

This weekend was a good one. Is there every really a bad weekend? Saturday James and I went to a new restaurant in North Little Rock. Someone made the comment that we go out to eat a lot. We go out about once a week- especially now that we have new places to try! We went to Saddlecreek Grill in North Little Rock. We didn’t have any plans. Just decided to try somewhere new after running errands and found this place nearby. I’m ready for people to start visiting so we can show them the cool places we’ve found. This will sound weird but the House Salad was awesome. Usually a House Salad is some lettuce, a cherry tomato, and some dressing. This salad had candied chili pecans, and a cilantro lime dressing. So good.

I got off subject. The point of this blog is the Weekly Workout Round up. But I figure eating and working out are two things I do a lot, therefore, I’ll talk about them a lot. I’ve recently fallen in love with group fitness classes. I worked out at home for years and got great results but the group fitness classes have really got me motivated. I work out harder and I get to meet people. Win/Win. Here’s my workouts for the week:

Monday: REST day as I traveled for a job interview all day.

Tuesday: Barre Class at the gym and yoga at home.

Wednesday: Kickboxing at the gym. This is the most intense class I’ve done. We kick, punch, and learn some self defense. I could hardly move my arms the next day

Thursday: Yoga class at the gym.

Friday: RIPPED Class at the gym. I also love this class because it’s fun. Resistance, Intervals, Plyo, Power, Endurance and a good cool down.

Saturday: RIPPED Class at the gym. My gym is doing classes at 8:00 am on Saturdays now. They do something new every week. I like getting my workout done in the morning on the weekend so I can relax.

Sunday: Yoga at home. My body was tired and I had a sinus headache.

I’ve signed up for classes this week too. I’ve seen the results and I’m having fun meeting people so it’s been really good for me. I’ve never been good at following a program. I get bored too easily. I can’t do 5 days of Insanity a week because then I’m wanting to do some weights or yoga. So the classes help me to break things up without having to think too hard about it.

I’ve also started using KT Tape on my knee. I posted this on Instagram and got a bunch of questions. I thought it was weird until a friend showed me how it helped her. Another friend who is a PTA showed me a few things with it too. I tore meniscus in my knee years ago and had surgery in 2009. It’s torn again but I don’t want surgery. I’m using the KT tape instead of a brace. I like it because I can use it underneath leggings and jeans without the bulk of a brace. I can also tape it the way my knee needs it that day. Sometimes I tape for inner knee pain and sometimes I tape for full knee support. They have a YouTube channel that shows different ways to tape as well.

Oh speaking of fitness, did anyone see the Brittany Dawn scandal? She’s a social media fitness influencer. Her body is incredible and people purchased her programs. Now clients are mad because she didn’t respond to them or live up to their promises. If you’re thinking of purchasing a fitness program, purchase one from someone who actually has a certification or degree. Or who you actually know and trust. I followed her on Instagram (mostly because I liked her hair!) but I also knew not to purchase her programs. Augh. Anyhow, find someone who actually knows what they’re talking about or who can connect you with a professional who does.

That’s a long blog for a Monday. Have a good week!

**The pic as my featured image is not me. At least not yet! There is no 

copyright on this pic . **

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