Home Deals from Walmart

Unless you live 300 miles from civilization, you live near a Walmart. Or perhaps, a Target as well. I used to be Team Target all the way. Then a few years ago, I was in Walmart with my sister and saw a Fair Isle printed cardigan. I bought it, and a few nights later at a basketball game, someone stopped me and asked me if I got it at Bad Habit Boutique. I told her it was from Walmart and only cost $14 and she didn’t believe me. That was when my obsession with Walmart is born.

Last fall, after moving to Arkansas, I found out that the Walmart stores here are pretty amazing. I got so many things for my house at Walmart and I couldn’t believe how much they had stepped up their game. When a friend posted on social media that she needed ideas of where to go to get decorations for their new house, I told her to go to Walmart. Then I decided I better share some of my favorite things I’ve purchased at Walmart. All of the following recommendations are things you can only get at Walmart. You can get your toothpaste or dishsoap anywhere, so for this stuff, you’ll have to actually go to Walmart- or go online.

Dishtowels: I don’t normally put a lot of thought into dishtowels, but when we moved I needed new ones. I got these and they’re really nice and definitely wont break the bank. They wash up really well and don’t stain easily. Plus, I love the color. I also love Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, and her products at Walmart are full of color. I got these towels to match and they work really well too.

Bath Towels: I can’t believe how soft these Better Homes & Gardens towels are. They feel like something you’d find at an expensive hotel. They stay soft after washing and they come in a variety of colors too. I purchased the printed towels and the dark gray towels for our master bath and the blue towels and gray textured towels for our guest bath.

Rugs: I bought this Mohawk Memory Foam Kitchen Mat for my kitchen because I loved the colors. Truthfully, it’s faded a little so when we move to our new house, I may have to buy another. I also like the Celia Rug from the Pioneer Woman. I probably wouldn’t have even looked twice at the colored rugs, but my sister convinced me. Oh- I want this Better Homes & Gardens kitchen mat because it matches the placemat I got for the table I got some really great rugs for our entryway and backdoor, but they aren’t online.

Scent Bricks: I’m picky about scent. Some give me headaches so I’m fairly careful with what I buy. I also CANNOT handle using a scent out of season. You won’t smell pumpkin pie in my home in the middle of July. The evergreen scent doesn’t come out until the Christmas tree comes out. Since we’re in that weird “We’re all over winter but it’s not spring” time, there’s not really a scent for that. I’ve been into the Aromatherapy Scents from Better Homes & Gardens. These are only $2.00! Right now I have the Bergmot & Sage in the warmer next to me. My house smells fresh, clean, and sunny even though it’s rainy outside. Most of these are not online so you’ll have to go into the store and smell them. I also like the Orange & Cedarwood and the Lemongrass & Ginger.

Seasonal Decor: I like to change some things in my home every season. I posted a Christmas decoration I got at Walmart and had a lot of messages asking where it was from. I got the crate, garland, and poky fillers and put them together. Since I’m not a decorator, I call them poky fillers. I walked through Walmart yesterday and they have some great spring decor right now! I’m holding off on buying anything until we’re in our new house because I don’t know what I will need for sure.

Flavor Bomb Cherry Tomatoes: Yes, you can get cherry tomatoes at any grocer. I’ve only seen these Flavor Bombs at Walmart and Sams and both my husband and I swear they are better than others. I even had my mother in law try these last summer and she agreed. I like to cut them up, drizzle them with olive oil and lime juice, and then add salt and chopped cilantro. Easy side dish.

Those are just some of the awesome things I’ve gotten from Walmart lately. I will say, I don’t buy online from them a lot since I’m so close to some great Walmarts. The Walmart stores here in AR are really nice. In fact, I thought that Target here wasn’t that great and I’ve only been in there a few times. When my mom visited, she loved going to the local Walmart stores with me. I’m excited to go on a big Walmart run after we move so I can get some cool house stuff. When I start my job and purchase some clothes, I may do a post on clothing from Walmart. I hope this has given you a little inspiration for getting some budget friendly things for your home!

**This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own. **

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