All the New Things…

Hello, you beautiful humans! It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve written because..again, life. It seems to be moving at a rapid pace lately. In just the last week, my stepdaughter had a beautiful baby girl, my brother in law came home after a month’s stay in the hospital, and my mom, sister, nieces, and nephew visited. I’m tired just reading all of that! That makes me a 38 year old grandma. I don’t feel like I’m mature enough to be a grandma quite yet, but I’m having fun buying stuff for her!

I started my new job last week and love it so far. After nearly 5 months of unemployment, it feels good to wake up and have somewhere to go. However, every day I have to drive right by a small strip mall with a TJ Maxx, Ulta, Shoe Dept Encore, and Hobby Lobby. It was just built last year so everything is brand new. And, it’s less then 5 minutes from my office. Did I mention I have to drive by it twice per day? I’ve spent a few lunch breaks wandering around looking for stuff for the new house…they may as well just take my paycheck.

Like I said, my family visited this weekend and we had a great time. Well, most of us. My mom got stomach flu the first night and ended up staying in bed all weekend! When they got here Friday night, we went to see the new house. It’s so close to being done! Less than a month and we should be moving in! Saturday morning we took the kids to The Big Dam Bridge in Little Rock. Since my niece is a great photographer, she got some great shots for us. Then we went downtown and headed to Big Whiskeys to eat and to Junction Bridge. We included a stop at Dillards to find a prom dress for my niece. She manged to find one that is beautiful! Later that day I took my sister and the kids up to the strip mall I mentioned. I think the kids were more excited about TJ Maxx than the other stuff. They found some great deals and my niece found some shoes to go with her prom dress. My other niece found a dress for a wedding we are attending this summer. Today we went to Marshall’s and found some more deals. We all love shopping! My sister is a great decorator and she helped me find some stuff for my new house. She said she would come down after we move in and help me put it all together. I hope she makes good on that promise!

I didn’t think anyone was actually reading my weekly workouts, but last week I didn’t post them and I got called out on it. So I guess people are paying attention after all! I knew when I started working, I’d have to adjust workouts. When I get home at night, I really don’t feel like doing a hard workout so I’ve been forcing myself to get them done at 5:00 am. My husband wakes up at 4:15 so it’s not horribly difficult to roll myself out of bed. My gym has classes at 5:00 am and if I sign up, I know I’m accountable to be there! I made it there 3 times last week and worked out in the morning at home the other days.

Monday: RIPPED Class at 5:00 am.

Tuesday: 22 Minute Hard Corps Resistance #2 and yoga

Wednesday: RIPPED Class at 5:00 am

Thursday: Lift & HIIT. 20 minute lifting and cardio workout.

Friday: RIPPED Class- again at 5:00 am

Saturday: REST day but I walked a lot

Sunday: Sarah Beth Workout Yoga

It’s getting nice here so I’ve also been walking Deuce almost every night. He was pretty excited when my family showed up and he managed to tire himself out by begging for attention all weekend. He’s already sleeping on the couch. I’ll be heading to bed before too long…waking up at 4:00 am requires an early bedtime!

Have a great week!

** All photos credits go to my niece Kylee. Thank you so much for taking pics and giving them to me! **

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