Stuff I’m Into

It’s my mom’s birthday today. I haven’t called her yet because I know she worked overnight last night and she’s probably sleeping. I’m going to guess she wouldn’t want me to wake her up. I don’t know how she does those overnight shifts… she’s nocturnal.

I haven’t written in awhile except to be accountable for my workouts. I’m probably writing to avoid packing. Scratch that. I know I’m writing to avoid packing. I packed some stuff up yesterday and brought it to Goodwill. I have a lot of home decor that doesn’t feel like my style anymore so I’m getting rid of it. Moving to Arkansas has felt like a new beginning and I want this house to feel fresh and new as well. Since it is brand new, we were able to pick out everything- the floor plan, the finishes, absolutely everything- and I’m so excited to live in it with him. However, the next three weeks are a little crazy. I started my new job a few weeks ago, James is traveling to Iowa next weekend to see his new grandbaby (not sure if I’m going with him yet) and of course, dealing with packing and moving. Oh- and we’re planning a trip back to Iowa in June. I’m tired just reading all of that. Anyhow, since everything feels new, I’m posting on some new things I’m into…

Bath and Body Works Gingham Perfume: This doesn’t actually release until April 15, but the store I was in had a mini perfume so I bought it. It smells slightly citrus like but reminds me of spring. My husband really likes it too.

Dr. Scholls Panama Sandals: I can’t do flip flops. They make my heels and my back uncomfortable. I spent my last trip to Florida wearing my slip on sneakers everywhere because my flip flops made my feet hurt so much. I wish I’d have had these sandals then! These are comfortable and cute. I have a feeling I’ll be wearing them all spring and summer. I used to think Dr. Scholl’s shoes were for old people, but I guess maybe I’m just old now.

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation: I have very oily skin so finding makeup that doesn’t get shiny is really important. This is really buildable so I can use it as a light coverage or as a full coverage. Best of all, it makes my skin look awesome. I like the applicator. It’s like a large lipgloss wand so you don’t spill it everywhere.

No Boundaries T-shirts from Walmart: These aren’t online so you’ll need to get your booty to the store. I have a long torso so finding a t-shirt that is long enough isn’t easy. Also, most of the T-shirts have low necklines and I don’t want that either. These are perfect and they’re only $2.92 each. I have them in gray, black, navy, and light blue. You can wear them on their own or under a cardigan. I bought a large and it fits perfectly.

Buxom Big Tease Mascara: I bought this at TJ Maxx a few months ago and love it. My eyes are kind of sensitive and this doesn’t make them itch. The shelf life of mascara is pretty short- ideally, you should replace it every 6-8 weeks. I like to buy the travel size of the expensive brands because it’s less expensive and then I don’t waste any.

If you didn’t know, Old Navy is having a 40% off sale until Tuesday. Yes, I ordered more workout clothes. If you have cute workout clothes, you’re more likely to workout. Everyone knows this! Cute legging and tank tops make it easier to get up at 4:15 AM to work out. That’s a fact.

Have a great day!

** I am not compensated for this blog. All opinions are my own. **

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