Affordable Fashion for August

I don’t know about you, but all I’ve heard about the past few weeks is the Nordstrom Sale. Sure, I looked online, but I didn’t buy anything. Because I’m adult and my car needs tires. And I need to pay bills. Every fashion blogger out there was posting all their sweaters, boots, and accessories they purchased and showing how they’ll wear them in the fall. That’s great- I love fall as much as any other basic girl, but today the heat index was 111 degrees this afternoon so I’m not real thrilled about a sweater and tall boots. Right now I’m wearing an old pair of Under Armour shorts and a workout tank. My hair is on top of my head because it’s too hot to wear it down. And while I do love a good sale, Nordstrom isn’t exactly the most affordable for some of us. I like to have cute clothes and look good, but like I said, I also have to pay bills. Here’s a round up of some actual affordable clothing that you can wear right now- no waiting until the temperature dips and the frost starts.

Lock & Love Boat Neck Top. I purchased this top off Amazon because I needed something quick. A coworker has pancreatic cancer and we all agreed to wear purple to support her. Since I never wear purple (much to the disappointment of my Minnesota Vikings loving husband) I went to Amazon to find something fast. I was surprised how much I love this top. I’m ordering it in gray or black soon. It’s super soft and it’s really flattering. I’d say it’s pretty true to size, so I ordered a medium and it fits perfectly. I’m wearing it now with shorts, capris, and boyfriend jeans. It’s only $16.95 and I guarantee you’ll wear it a lot.

Time & Tru Sundress. I bought this dress at Walmart a couple of months ago. I can’t find it online, but it’s $14.96 in the stores. Or maybe it’s on sale now. I got the multicolored striped dress but they have it available in solid colors as well. It’s lined so you don’t have to worry about anything showing through and best of all IT HAS POCKETS!!! My husband wasn’t a fan of this dress as he felt it wasn’t fitted enough but the first night I wore it out, I had two random strangers come up to me and tell me how much they liked my dress So there. I’ve worn it with heels, flat sandals, and thrown a cardigan over it for work.

Johnny Cash T-shirt. I’ve had this shirt for a few years now and I got mine at Target. This one on Amazon looks pretty close. I’ve worn this shirt with shorts and sandals, with skinny jeans, booties and a duster cardigan, or just with jeans, a sweatshirt and a baseball hat. You could really do this with any cool graphic T but I love Johnny Cash so I prefer this one. In the fall, I want to get a leopard cardigan to wear with it.

Time & Tru Tie Front Blouse. Yes, this is another Walmart find. Again, can’t find it online but you can find it in any store. Mine is the blue and white striped, but they have it in a lot of other colors too. It’s pretty true to size so no need to try to figure that out. I got a medium and it fits pretty well. I’ve worn this to work with dress pants, and on date night with my husband with boyfriend jeans and heels. I’ve also worn it to a farmer’s market with khaki shorts.

Time & Tru Ruffle Sleeve Top. Oh, hey. Walmart again. I got this last spring but I wear it all the time. I saw it in a store last week so I bet you can still find it there. They had several colors that looked really pretty but I ended up getting white because I liked it. I’ve worn this with dress pants, boyfriend jeans, and shorts. I think I paid $11 for it but if you find it, it’s probably on sale now!

Lee Riders Camo Skort. Yes I said skort. It has shorts underneath the skirt. I saw this at Walmart and I’ve been kicking myself for not getting it! I realize I couldn’t wear it to work, but it would look really cute with sandals or tennis shoes, a T shirt and a baseball cap. I’m gonna have to go find this. It was $16.88 when I saw it.

Arnabess Romper. I’m not 100% on board with the romper trend. I had a romper when I was about four and felt pretty cute. But I’m all grown up now and I have a long torso. Most rompers don’t fit right. I saw a lady wearing this last weekend when we were in Hot Springs and complimented her on her outfit. She told me she got it off of Amazon for $20! She was wearing it with gold jewelry and a Louis Vuitton bag. I don’t have a Louis Vuitton bag to style it with, but maybe it will go well with my Calvin Klein bag I got at Marshalls. She swore it felt like wearing pajamas all day and that’s a trend I can get on board with.

There you have it. A few affordable pieces you can wear right now and maybe even into the cold weather too. I love clothes but I hate spending a ton of money. I do most of my shopping at Old Navy, Walmart, and now Amazon. I’d rather spend my money on doing fun stuff and going to cool places. Speaking of going to cool places, my mother in law and two of my stepkids visited us last week. I had to work, but James took them to a few neat places and I got to go to Hot Springs with them on Saturday. We had a lot of fun showing them around our new territory and they seemed to enjoy it too. I’m excited for some more guests this fall. My college roommate and her husband are coming in October and some other friends are coming in November. Our friend Luke is running with James in the Hot Springs Half Marathon. Tiffany and I are not running so we’ll hang out in Hot Springs while they run. I think I’ve talked her into mimosas and Bloody Mary’s at the Ohio Club.

Have a great rest of the week! Go out and buy yourself something new while you’re out school shopping with the kiddos!

** The photos in this blog were not taken by me. I am not paid for this post and all opinions are my own**


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