Actual Affordable Gifts for Ladies

It’s freaking December. What the heck? It feels like it was just August and 90 degrees out. I was wearing shorts and dreaming of fall leaves and now it’s less than 20 days to Christmas and everyone is freaking out about Christmas shopping. Myself included. I’ve been noticing certain gift guides out there promoting the latest and greatest gifts and holy crap! What kind of money are people spending on Christmas these days? I don’t know your financial situation but I don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on each person on my list. I wish I did because that would certainly make it easier. Here’s a roundup of actual affordable gifts that the ladies in your life will love. Because, who wants a crap present that you’ll never use?

Lisianthus Women’s Felt Hat: Fact: Hats are in. Check any fashionista’s Instagram count. Another Fact: If you don’t want to fix your hair, wearing a hat is a good option. I really like this felt hat from Amazon. In fact, I asked my mom for it for Christmas! It comes in a lot of colors so you can pick what’s most flattering for you…I mean, for your friend.

Old Navy Women’s Sherpa pullover. I got one of these earlier this year from another store, but I really like these from Old Navy. If you watch, they go on sale or you can use a coupon. I love mine because it’s warm, comfortable, and looks really cute with jeans or leggings.

Graphic Tshirts. My friend sent me the link to this Sunshine & Whiskey shirt and I may have to order it soon. Also, since I love Dolly Parton, I might order this one too. If your friend isn’t into shirts with words on them, this leopard print T is really cute too. There’s no such thing as too much leopard print. In the words of Cady Herron in Mean Girls, ” The limit does not exist…”

Clinique A Little Happiness Set: I used to work at the Clinique counter and I love their perfume. Happy is a nice citrusy scent and isn’t overpowering. I get headaches from certain perfumes and this one doesn’t make my head explode. I’ve never met a person who doesn’t like this scent and this little gift set comes with 3 different perfumes- Happy, Happy Heart, and Happy In Bloom. Best of all, it’s only $19.50!

Feetures Socks for Women: Yes, socks are boring. No one actually likes going out and buying them. That’s why giving them is awesome. I used to think all socks were the same until I got a pair of these. If you have a lady in your life that is on her feet a lot (who isn’t) or who works out, these socks are a must have.

Giftcards: I know some people think giving a giftcard is an easy way out or not personal, but I disagree. There are so many things people want but won’t go buy for themselves- nicer makeup, things for the house, or maybe an experience like a massage or a pedicure. I love those things but don’t always have room in my budget. Gifting these experiences or a giftcard is a really nice way to show you care about someone. Also, we don’t always know people’s financial situation. You may give your friends a giftcard to Walmart to use for some home stuff or toys, and they may need it for groceries. You may have just helped them more than you know…

Subscription Boxes: We did this a few years ago for my stepdaughter and she loved it. I bought her a subscription to Ipsy for a year. Every month, she got a makeup bag with 5 pieces of makeup in it. You can customize their giftboxes and nearly every type of interest has some sort of subscription now. There’s ipsy for makeup lovers, Bulu for health nuts, and FabFitFun if you’re willing to spend a little more. And just like the Jelly of the Month Club, it’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year round…. Bonus points for you if you got that reference. If you didn’t, you won’t understand my humor at all.

I hope those give you a few ideas for the ladies in your life. Christmas is stressful enough without having to worry about the extra pressure of getting the perfect gift. Personally, I love gift giving but I know not everyone does. And the holidays aren’t just about gifts- they’re about spending time with the people you love.

What are your plans for the holidays? Ours are laid back this year. We aren’t traveling and no one is traveling here until January when my stepdaughter, her boyfriend, and their baby visit. I’m so excited for that! We had several fun visitors this fall. My college roommate and her husband visited for a weekend and some other good friends visited a few weekends after that. We had a great time showing them around Little Rock and hanging out at the house. While Tiffany and Luke were here, we went to Hot Springs so that the guys could run their annual half marathon. While they ran 13.1 miles over two mountains, Tiffany and I walked around Hot Springs and drank Irish coffee. We all have our strengths and running isn’t mine!

Have a great weekend everyone! I hope you get your holiday shopping done- or started if you haven’t yet!

** All opinions are my own. I am not compensated for this post unless you feel like paying me**

Old Navy Women’s Sherpa Pullover

Felt hat

Sunshine and Whiskey shirt

Clinique gift set
Dolly Parton T shirt
Feetures socks- the best socks!

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