Cold Weather Fashion Staples

I got the best two compliments a few nights ago. I was scrolling through Facebook and noticed my high school friend had posted some gorgeous family pics. When I asked her to share her anti-aging secrets (she somehow looks BETTER in her late thirties than when we were 17), she said, “Funny thing is, I learned it from you. You blogged about The Ordinary.” Then another one of my Des Moines friends and I were texting, and she said, “I love your blogs!” I’m always shocked when people actually read them and it makes me soooo happy. For years, I’ve been telling my friends about clothes and beauty products that I like and that’s why I started my blog. It’s always a compliment to me when someone tries something I’ve recommended. And another funny coincidence, my friend Jennifer and I discovered we drive the same car. After years of not living near each other, we still do things that are alike. When she posted a pic of her and her mom a few days ago, I was wearing nearly the same outfit she had on in the pic- flared jeans, black shirt, turquoise jewelry. Just proof of our good taste, am I right?

Anyhow, it’s January. Some people say it’s the longest month of the year. It’s definitely not the most fun. Everyone is sick of the cold and already given up on their resolutions. We had a cold snap here in Arkansas and it barely got above 40 degrees this week. I can hear my Iowa friends laughing at that! In the past month, we’ve had temps anywhere from 25 degrees to 70 degrees. On Christmas Day, I walked my dog in capris and a tank top. This week, I wore my NorthFace jacket whenever I left the house. Every time I checked Instagram, some fashion blogger was complaining about the cold and how excited they were to wear spring outfits. I get it- changing seasons always means changing wardrobe staples and that’s fun. In August, we’re melting in 100 degree heat and dreaming of pumpkin spice lattes and cardigans. In January, we’re shivering and dreaming of spring flowers and floaty dresses. Why can’t we enjoy the clothes we can wear right now? Because Christmas is over and buffalo plaid is no longer festive? Because you swore you’d start a budget in 2020 and not spend money on new clothes? If that’s the case, then you’re in luck. I’ve found some cute and affordable winter clothes. Think of this as your”how to make winter suck less wardrobe.”

Old Navy Mock Turtleneck Textured Blouson Sleeve Sweater. I bought this on a 50% off weekend at Old Navy and I love it! I purchased it in Graphite color but I want to go back and get it in the Bluefield shade too. I purchased a large so that it would be a little baggy. It’s really flattering and I love the larger sleeves. I wear this to work, but the night I wore it to Dizzy’s Bistro for dinner, I had two random strangers come up to me and tell me they loved it. I hate it when turtlenecks feel like they are choking me and this one doesn’t feel that way. I’ve worn this sweater with skinny jeans, flared jeans and dress pants and it looks great with all of them.

Old Navy Textured Crew Neck Sweater. Confession: I own this in two colors. Cream (I got this a few years ago and it’s not available online) and For Our Fuschia. I love the bright color for the middle of winter! I got a size medium which is perfect for me. Not to big, not too small. Again, I’ve worn this everywhere and with several different styles of pants. I’m not kidding when I say that every time I’ve worn it, I’ve gotten a compliment. I really love the camel color so I might go get that as well.

Match Women’s Long Sleeve Flannel Shirt. Another Amazon find. I purchased this about 2 years ago when I couldn’t find any flannel that would accommodate my large shoulders. These are super high quality heavy flannel and fit like a dream- especially if you want a longer length. Watch the sizing because some of them are Asian sizes. For example, mine is a 4XL and I normally wear medium! This is cute on it’s own, with a vest, or maybe with a cardigan thrown over top. I own the color Green Red but I really want to order the Classic Red too.

Gap Modern Long Sleeve Crewneck. These are a staple in my wardrobe. I own them in several colors and patterns. Why? Because they go with anything. I can wear them to work, dress them up with jewelry for a night out (as if we ever leave the house!) , or layer them with other pieces. Best of all, they’re stretchy so they always fit perfectly and the quality is awesome. This is a thick cotton/spandex material that washes up really well. I’ve had some of mine for 3 or more years. I’ve even worn them on cooler spring or summer days. They’re usually $25-29, but you can find them on sale pretty often.

BCG Quilted Jacket: I posted about this a year ago, and I still wear this jacket once to twice per week. It was $25 and I love it. It’s super cute and according to my Instagram, I wear it every time I go to brunch. Mostly with skinny jeans, slip on sneakers, and a baseball hat. Our neighbors are coming over for supper tonight I will probably be wearing it then too. I like the fact that it has a full zip instead of a quarter zip so I don’t have to pull it over my head every time I take it off or put it on. Order this and you’ll thank me later. If you’re not into ordering, head to Walmart. They have some similar ones in stores but not online.

Lisianthus Women Belt Buckle Felt Fedora. I got this hat for Christmas and I love it. I own it in the camel color but I’m loving the burgundy too. Throwing on a hat is a win/win. You dress up your outfit and you don’t have to fix your hair that day. I wore this a few weeks ago in downtown Little Rock and felt super fashionable. I wore it with ripped skinny jeans, booties and a long black cardigan. If you’re uncomfortable wearing a big hat, here’s a tip: wear really simple clothes with it. No need to wear a crazy outfit if you’re not into it.

Old Navy Rockstar Jeggings. I have to credit my friend Cheri for introducing these to me. I would have never looked twice if she hadn’t pointed them out when we were in Old Navy. These have an elastic waistband and are incredibly comfortable. If you can’t find skinny jeans because they gap at the waist, don’t walk, RUN, and purchase these. Or just stay on the couch and order online. You can get them in a variety of colors. I have some distressed dark jeans, plain dark jeans, and some black, gray, and khaki pairs for work. My body is constantly fluctuating and these ALWAYS fit.

Will those pieces make your winter feel a little better? I hope so! I own each thing I suggested and wear each regularly. I’m a big fan of stuff you can wear multiple ways and of clothing that can stand the test of time- or washing regularly. Other than the sweaters, I’d wear these in warmer weather as well.

It’s a lazy Saturday here. I normally wake up and I’m ready to grab a cup of coffee and work out. However, today I woke up sore from Leg Day (yes that’s in capital letters.) and my collarbone hurts. I was going to go to the gym for an upper body workout or Zumba, but I’m just not feeling it. I think it’s important to listen to your body. When you need to rest- freaking rest! Somedays I plan a rest day, then feel like doing cardio. You never know. I’ll be walking Deuce when it gets warmer out but other than that, just some stretching. I’m on Day 13 of Whole30. This time around is easier. I know the process and my good friends Tiffany and Luke are also on it. We send texts and snaps for support when it’s needed. My stomach is a lot less bloated and James told me my legs look thinner so it must be working. Whole30 isn’t a quick fix and so sometimes it can get a little discouraging. Healing your body from the inside out is important but like I said, the results don’t come quick. One of the things I’ve learned is to try new recipes so I don’t get bored. Last week I made this Greek Chicken Skillet from Paleo Running Momma and it was a hit. Check out her blog for some awesome healthy recipes. Someone suggested to do a blog post on stuff I eat during the Whole 30 so I’m working on it. Right now, I’m going to go get our Walmart grocery order and maybe take a nap this afternoon. Last night we stayed in as usual and watched my stepkids basketball games on YouTube. My stepdaughter hit the winning 3 point shot with 5 seconds left in the game! It was so exciting to watch! Hope you all have a great weekend! Let me know if you buy any of these clothes and like them. I’m always curious to see if my suggestions actually help!

** All opinions are my own. I am not compensated for this blog post. Unless Old Navy wants to send me some money :)**

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