Double Duty Beauty

This won’t surprise anyone, but I’m kind of a product hoarder. Well, maybe collector is a better word, since I have no problem getting rid of stuff that I don’t like. I love trying new products but like most people, I’m on a budget. I’m not a beauty editor getting free stuff sent to my office every day. That would be my dream. But since I’m not a fancy beauty editor and I know not everyone is a product junkie like me, I thought it would be fun to tell you about some beauty products that work overtime. So many beauty products have more than one use. Don’t believe me? Try these out:

Senegence ShadowSense Cream to Powder Eyeshadow: Yes, this is cream eyeshadow and that seems a little weird. I’ve used the colors Smoked Topaz, Garnet, and Moca Java as eyebrow color. The color Candlelight works really well as concealer or a base for your other eyeshadow colors. I’ve heard some of the pink or berry colors can be used as blush. Like Senegence Lipsense, this products really do stay on all day long.

Kenra Thermal Spray: I use this every time I curl my hair. It protects your hair form heat and helps to hold your style. However, if you have short hair, you can use it to make your hair look really piecey and textured. I use it when I scrunch my hair in the summer too. Next time you’re getting your hair done, ask your stylist if this is a product you should be using. It’s a good one!

Anastasia Blush Trio: I have the Pool Party trio but they all look really pretty. I was kind of skeptical of the sparkly pink color, but it isn’t sparkly and weird on your face. Obviously, I use it as blush but I also use the dark color as bronzer or eyeshadow. The peach color works really well as eyeshadow too!

Kat Von D Shade & Light Eyeshadow palette: This is my favorite eyeshadow palette for a reason. I’ve written about it before but since then I’ve discovered it has a lot of other uses too. I mostly discovered it because I forgot some other products while packing for a weekend trip last year.(We packed quickly as o it wasn’t a planned trip!) The lighter brown colors can be used as bronzer or contour. The darker colors( the dark brown and the black) can be used as eyeliner, and I’ve used the taupe and brown colors as eye brow color too. This palette is really great for traveling since you don’t have to bring a bunch of products.

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer: As the name implies, this can be used as foundation and concealer. I like this because it doesn’t slide right off my oily skin. I put it all over my face then dab a little extra under my eyes. I also like it on days when I don’t feel like getting all done up. I just put a little under my eyes and move on with my day.

Moroccan Oil: This is one of my favorite hair products because of the way it makes my hair feel. But it can also be used on skin. If you ever have a little left over, rub some on your dry skin. It really works and it smells incredible.

I use most of these products daily. Lately on the weekends I’ve barely been wearing makeup. We hiked yesterday and all I did was swipe on some mascara, dot on some concealer, and put on some chapstick. James and I drove up to Petit Jean State Park and hiked to the waterfall. The hike was a lot different than hiking Pinnacle Mountain as the first part of the hike was all down hill going over rock, then flat hiking for awhile, and then finally seeing the waterfall. While we were at the waterfall, we got brave and climbed the rocks to get as close to it as possible. We didn’t get directly under it but got close enough we could feel the spray on our faces. The hike back was the challenging part as it was mostly uphill. The warmer weather has made me want to get outside!

Next weekend, we’re heading up to Iowa to see some family and friends. Our granddaughter is having her first birthday party and then we are headed to Des Moines to see our friends. It feels like forever since I’ve seen them and I’m so excited! Today, I’m just exhausted for some reason. I don’t know if the hike wore me out or if the time change is kicking my ass but I feel like I could sleep for 10 hours straight. I hope you are all having a great day and that the time change isn’t affecting you! Here’s to springing forward and nicer weather!

** The above opinions are all my own. I am not compensated for this post**

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