Social Distancing- The Good, the Bad, and the Really Boring.

It’s a weird time to be alive. The stores are out of toilet paper, Hallmark is showing Christmas movies in the spring, and the most famous person in America is a big cat enthusiast from Oklahoma. Arkansas isn’t in a shelter in place order yet, but so many other states are. I’m working from home and consider myself lucky to still have a job. Since I have a heart condition, working from home is the safer option right now. I miss my coworkers but I know it’s best.

I’ve quit watching the news so often as it seems to just make me anxious. My mom, my sister, and my future sister in law are nurses and they are dealing with this head on. I can’t even imagine how stressful their jobs are right now. My stepdaughter is in nursing school and she’s having to go online instead of going to class and doing her clinicals. I’ve always known I wasn’t cut out to be a nurse, and after hearing some of their horror stories, I’m even more sure.

A few weekends ago, we traveled up to Iowa for our granddaughter’s first birthday party. While we were there, we went out to eat in Des Moines with our friends. In a rare coincidence, all of my friends and their husbands were available on the same night. Our dinner party was a party of 10 and it was the best time I’d had in a long time. I’m thankful we got to see everyone as it seems that our weekend away in Branson won’t happen. I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time and I’m hopeful that we can reschedule for later in the year. I’m also hopeful that my stepson’s graduation in May will happen. I feel so terrible for him as his senior year isn’t turning out the way he wants. He’s a three time state track qualifier and now it looks like they won’t even have a track season. It just sucks. There’s no other way to put it. I realize there are people dying and that this pandemic is serious, but these kids have been working toward this for 4 years and now they won’t get to see their hard work pay off.

We’ve been adjusting to this new way of life as best we can. Last Friday night, I had a happy hour with my college friends on Zoom. It was so much fun- we send a lot of messages and videos to each other but actually being able to interact was the best. Our happy hour lasted for 2 hours! On Saturday night, James and I had a double date with our friends Tiffany and Luke over Zoom. We sat outside, had cocktails and talked with them for two hours. Again, interacting felt great after being stuck at home all week. We also realized we don’t have to wait for a pandemic to have Zoom calls and interact with each other.

Since the only place I’ve gone in the past week is the grocery store, we went ahead and purchased a Ninja Foodi. I’d been wanting one for awhile and in the 24 hours we’ve had it, I love it. We’ve used to to air fry veggies, steam veggies, and reheat leftovers. James smoked a prime rib last night and it was amazing. We did order pizza for takeout Friday night so that we could support a local business (and so we didn’t have to cook!). I’d forgotten how good Deer Creek Fire & Stone pizza is. Next weekend I’m going to try to convince James to order brunch from Lost 40 Brewery. They posted a new breakfast pizza that looks delicious.

Like everyone else, I don’t have a ton of news to share. And like everyone else, I’m doing my best to adjust and stay positive. I’ve been keeping my routine as normal as possible. I wake up, workout, take a shower and eat breakfast like I normally do. Then instead of driving my car to work, I walk into our office/guest room, and start my day. There’s good things about working from home- not spending money on gas and wearing leggings all day. I do miss talking to my coworkers though- I’m lucky to work with such great people! I’m thankful that I live in a house that I love right now. I’m also thankful that I have a good marriage. I can’t imagine being stuck in the house while in a bad marriage! We haven’t driving each other crazy yet and since the weather is nice, I can take Deuce out for walks whenever I need to get out for a little bit.

Oh, and like half of America (or at least the people on social media), I watched The Tiger King last weekend. The only word I can use to describe it is bizarre. Those people are …twisted. That’s the only word I can use to describe them! I nearly lost my shit at 2 points in the series. The first was when the guy took the tiger cubs from the mom immediately after they were born so he could sell them. I know farms have to do that but those tiger cubs seemed so sad! The second was when the con artist guy, Jeff, was talking about how his much younger wife was one month away from giving birth to their baby. Then he said that he would get her back into the gym and the nanny would start. And here’s the kicker- he showed a picture of the nanny and of course, she’s super hot. He said he told his wife she could hire a nanny if he could pick her out. Then he said he would only pick a hot nanny. Umm…excuse me? If I were a month away from giving birth and my husband was bragging about the hot nanny, I’d lose it. Heck, I was losing it just watching the guy!

Ok, before I go off onto a tangent, I better stop. I hope everyone is staying safe! Wash your hands, socially distance as much as you can, and let’s hope this is over soon!

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