Dumpster Fire Cleaning Tips

The world is a damn dumpster fire right now. Referring to something as a dumpster fire is something I do quite often but I didn’t think I’d have to do it literally referring to the protests going on. Augh. Between COVID19, protesting, and racism, I’d super jealous of the astronauts who got to leave Earth yesterday. They’re the real MVP’s. I’m determined to be in a good mood so I’m limiting my social media consumption. Therefore, I’m gonna increase my Netflix consumption. I’m not good at sitting down and binge watching so I’m gonna have to get better at that. I started watching Selling Sunset which is a show about realtors in LA. It’s a reality show and I’m less interested in the drama and more interested in seeing houses I can’t afford.

Speaking of real estate, I’ve always believed it’s important to live in a home that you enjoy, even before Joanna Gaines said it. I haven’t loved every home or apartment I’ve lived in but one thing I’ve learned is that any house is better if it’s tidy and clean. My mom managed to keep our house picked up and clean all of the time even as a single mom with two bratty preteen daughters. I learned from the best. My need for tidiness has been a joke among my family and friends for years. Yes, it’s may be borderline OCD that I like my bar chairs all facing the same way and evenly spaced. People say that I seem fun and let me tell you, I’m a laugh a minute when I decide it’s time to clean the countertops. When we first moved, we hired a cleaning service to come every other week and deep clean. I loved it and I miss it but we decided to save money. It also seemed like the weeks they would come would never line up with when we had company so I’d end up cleaning anyway. Personally, I think that keeping your house clean is just about having good habits. The good thing about habits is that you can develop them at anytime. Here’s my habits for a clean house:

  1. Make your bed every day. Yes, I said everyday. It takes 1-2 minutes to pull the covers up and put the pillows back in place. As I’m sitting in our living room, I can see our master bedroom. If the bed wasn’t made, it would just look messy, which would trigger my anxiety (aka me just being a jerk). Making your bed every morning just starts the day out on the right (clean) note.
  2. Do your dishes every night. Just clean up after supper and this takes care of yourself. When I get up and see dishes in the sink or on the counter, it starts the day off wrong. My husband cooks almost every night so I clean up. Put the dishes in the dishwasher, wash anything that needs to be handwashed, and wipe down the counters. It only takes 10 minutes. No one wants to have their morning coffee in a messy kitchen. The Folgers commercials don’t show that for a reason.
  3. Set a timer. This is a habit a friend taught me. I asked her how she managed to have such a tidy house and she told me she set a timer and cleaned at least 5 nights a week. So most nights, I set a timer for 15-20 minutes, pop in my earbuds, and clean. This is especially helpful when you feel overwhelmed by the mess. Just clean until the timer beeps and you’ll feel as if you got something done. For example, last night I set a timer for 20 minutes, popped in my AirPods (thank you James!) and started listening to The Popcast. During those 20 minutes, I vacuumed the couch (I have to do this nearly everyday since it’s shedding season for our dog), put away some stuff, folded the blankets on the couch, straightened up the pillows on the couch, and wiped down the counters. That’s a lot to get done in 20 minutes and it made a difference. Just try it for a few days and you’ll notice a difference.
  4. Deep clean every 2-3 weeks. I usually do every other weekend. When I deep clean, I make a list of things I want to get done in each room. In the bedrooms, I dust, vacuum, clean the ceiling fans, and base boards. When I’m done, I cross it off the list. This way I don’t forget anything and if I don’t have enough time to do everything, I know what I need to do next. I usually do the bathrooms first as that’s my least favorite chore.
  5. Decide what’s important to you. If clean floors are important to you, clean those. If baseboards are important to you, do those first. I like having the bathrooms and kitchen really clean so those are always what I concentrate on most when deep cleaning. Having a tidy house is the most important to me- which is why I straighten up the house every night. I prefer little to no stuff on the countertops. To the left of the oven, I have a set of knives, a bottle of olive oil, and paper towels. To the left, I have cutting boards and a Ninja Foodi. I’d prefer the Foodi be kept in a cupboard but we use it everyday so it’s earned a permanent spot on the counter. We also have a small TV in the corner. I thought having a TV in the kitchen was dumb but now I really enjoy it. I guess that just goes to show that my husband was right. There are things that are less important to me- having a super organized fridge or having spotless windows- so I rarely do those. Also, I like to have my whole house clean at once. Some people deep clean one room a day or a few rooms a week so not everything is super clean at the same time. To each their own, right?
  6. Check out Clean My Space. There’s a YouTube channel for everything and I’ve learned a lot from this one. Melissa Maker hosts this channel and she also owns a cleaning company. If you have a question or want to learn to clean something, I guarantee she will know.

Sometimes cleaning is overwhelming and I get it. You clean then it gets dirty again, because you live in your house. Duh. Nothing looks Pinterest perfect every day. I can guarantee you my home doesn’t! I just keep things tidy and have a few things I do each day to keep myself sane. “Outer order, inner calm” is true for me! When I walk into my house after a day of work (or walk out to the kitchen now that I’m working from home), and I see dishes piled up and crap all over the counter, I see things that prevent me from being completely relaxed in my own home. I don’t enjoy cleaning that much but I know that a tidy house makes me more calm. Ask my husband- he’ll tell you how much better behaved I am when I’m not rage cleaning.

I deep cleaned this morning already. Actually, I cleaned the bathrooms yesterday so I could take pics for my blog so I didn’t have as much to do today. When I was almost done, my Swiffer Wet Jet mop broke. So I guess my kitchen didn’t get mopped as planned. Woops. Oh- before I sign off, I made this salad last night. I didn’t blanch the broccoli like she suggested and I didn’t use avocado oil mayo because I haven’t found one that I liked. It was delicious and even better this morning after a night in the fridge. I’m off to have a good Sunday. Strawberry season is winding down so I’m hoping to head to Holland Bottom Farms and get some fresh strawberries again!

** All opinions on this blog are my own. This is not a sponsored post**

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