Differences, Leggings, and DIY Projects

Holy crap! Does anyone else fee like they want to go lie on the bed and scream into a pillow? I’m tired and irritated and happy and mad all at once. This election (and this year) has taken a toll on people. Half the country is happy that Joe Biden is president elect and half the country thinks that Donald Trump got cheated. It’s pretty polarizing. In some elections, I’ve voted Republican and in some I’ve voted Democrat. I’ve always voted for the person who I feel can bring the country together as a whole. I don’t understand why politicians can’t seem to work with the other party. Everyday, American citizens live their lives with people who view things differently than them. Maybe it’s a family member or a coworker or even a best friend or spouse. It makes me angry that grown men in Washington can’t do that. They’re supposed to be role models and good examples for their people and they’re doing a shitty job at it. I’ve seen ex-spouses coparent their children better than I’ve seen our so-called leaders work with each other. Donald Trump clearly didn’t have a mother who snapped her fingers and said, “You watch your mouth!”

I’ve always been fascinated by people who live their lives differently than I do or people who have different viewpoints than I do. I don’t have to agree with all of my friends on every single subject, but I do enjoy talking to them and hearing how they’ve formed their opinion. Some of my best friends are very conservative and some are very liberal. Guess what we talk about when we get together? Why our husbands can’t seem to notice that they’ve left shoes and socks all over the floor. Why people put an empty milk carton back in the fridge instead of in the trash can. You know, issues that plague all women no matter what their political beliefs are. We talk about everything from religious beliefs to which makeup company makes the best eyeshadows. (It’s Urban Decay for me).

Besides my friends, I’m fascinated with people who live very differently than I do. I live in a pretty average house and have a very average life. So it makes sense that I’m always curious about two types of lifestyles- survivalists/homesteaders and extra rich over the top people. I was listening to a podcast and the speaker was talking about some families who are revamping a farmhouse to it’s original state. Yes, you read that correctly. Not the modern farmhouse that is on Pinterest with Joanna Gaines shiplap and chicken wire everywhere. I’m talking no toilet and no electricity. I don’t get it. These people have a ton of money. Why go without modern comforts? I don’t even want to camp for one night, let alone try to find my way around the house with a single candle like Ebeneezer Scrooge.

On the other side, I’m obsessed with learning about people with really lavish lifestyles. I recently started following @turtlecreeklane on Instagram and…wow. This lady lives in a 11,000 square foot mansion with a 3500 square foot guest house. The guest house is bigger than my entire house! The house is actually modeled after a French chateau. Way to many pastels for my taste but hey, good for her. I’ve been called “extra” before but she takes it to the next level. She’s extra thin (she doesn’t drink, eat carbs, or eat ANY refined sugar), her hair is extra big (probably full of secrets), and she’s always dressed in some sort of outfit perfect for the occasion. Oh and her smile is super big. Almost maniacal. I listened to a podcast episode about her and she once made her kids go without sugar for AN ENTIRE YEAR to earn a go-cart. I’m all about kids earning privileges but not letting them have cake a bday party is downright cruel. Her house takes 4-5 days to decorate for Christmas and she literally has a warehouse of Christmas decorations because she does a different theme each year. This year, her theme is the Nutcracker so each room is a different scene. Get this, she actually has a room called The Land of Sweets. So yes, she denies her kids sugar and then has a room dedicated to high fructose corn syrup. Walking into her house probably feels like walking into a pastel Whoville. Apparently, her decorating is going to be on some TV show and yes, I will find out what it is and watch it because that’s how sick and twisted I am. Seriously, go check her out on Instagram. She looks like a Polly Pocket in a giant Barbie dream house.

I also watched the first episodes of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. I hate the drama but love watching the lavish lifestyles (same reason I watch Selling Sunset on Netflix). And Salt Lake City interested me because I listed to a 3 part podcast series on Mormon Mommy Bloggers. Apparently, a larger percentage of the Instagram models we see are Mormon. According to this, the religion puts a huge emphasis on being a mom and not working outside the house. They also put an emphasis on wealth and looks. Fun fact- Salt Lake City has more plastic surgeons per capita than any other town in the US. Weird because the Mormon religion frowns upon tattoos but plastic surgery is ok. If you’re interested, go listed to “Be There in 5” podcast. Kate Kennedy does a much better job at explaining this. I’m just a fascinated listener. Don’t worry, I won’t be conforming to Mormonism anytime soon. They aren’t allowed to swear and that’s something I’m good at.

Other than listening to podcasts, I don’t have much new to report. Halloween weekend we made a trip to Iowa to watch my stepdaughter’s State Cross Country Meet. We left Friday morning and got back home Sat evening. Last weekend, the two youngest stepkids came to visit. We had a good time hanging out and hiking Pinnacle Mountain. We hiked the easy side this time and it was still a workout. Since COVID is spiking, I’m back to working from home. I miss my coworkers but getting extra sleep and not having to wear regular clothes is perfect for me. It gives me an excuse to wear leggings 24/7. We were hoping to have a Christmas party with neighbors this year, but probably won’t since we can’t socially distance in our house. That’s a bummer. I haven’t even started Christmas shopping because I have no idea what to actually get my family. At this point, I’d rather just see them. James and I planned our Thanksgiving meal this weekend. We’re going to cook a big meal and then eat it for 3-5 days afterward. We’re making turkey, escalloped corn, mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts salad, and pumpkin cheesecake. Wednesday, I’m going to attempt to flock our Christmas tree so I may do a post on this (if it turns out!). I hate DIY things but I don’t have $500 to buy a new tree. It’s probably going to involve a lot of me cussing and saying things like, “The girl on Tik Tok made it look so easy!”

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving! If you’re into Black Friday sales, Deciem is giving 23% off all month long on their skincare. I swear by this stuff! My neighbor told me they’ve got some great deals at Walmart too. If we’re gonna stay at home in our sweats, we may as well shop online!

*This post is not compensated and all opinions are my own. *

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