I started writing a post about how 2021 was going to be great…and then the first week happened. I think I speak for everyone when I say “What the hell?” If 2020 was a dumpster fire, 2021 is a dumpster fire with a tornado coming in hot behind it. There are so many things I don’t understand right now. Why are people storming the capitol and thinking they shouldn’t get arrested? Why do people think they’ll change someone’s viewpoint by arguing on Facebook? Why can some people eat junk all day long and look and feel great? Why are all the social media influencers wearing Carhartt hats? (It’s pretty clear they weren’t raised in the rural US. If you’ve been doing horse chores or livestock chores for years, you know that Carhartts are chore clothes- not fashion. ) Why can some girls wear a stocking hat all day and be comfortable and cute? My head gets hot and I can’t hear anything because my ears are covered up. I don’t understand humans at all these days. They’re weird.

Speaking of weird humans, 2020 was the year Rachel and Dave Hollis got a divorce after profiting off of all their fantastic marriage advice and hyping up how great they were at marriage even with 1,000 kids. (Their words, not mine. They have 4 kids. So do many families across America. They aren’t the anomaly they seem to think they are). Even weirder, they still do a family Halloween costume and leave sweet comments on each other’s Instagram. They act more like a junior high couple seeking attention than two grown ass adults who are in the middle of a divorce. I already feel sorry for the people they date next. Getting along with your ex is one thing but I feel like having to go along with their family Halloween costume seems a little cult-like. My husband doing a family costume with his ex would be a hard pass for me. Today, Dave made some huge Instagram post about how it was Rachel’s birthday and how great she is. If they love and respect each other so much, why are they getting a divorce? I have a theory that I told my friend Kelly so we’ll wait to see if it plays out. I still follow them on Instagram because it’s like a car wreck and I can’t look away. It’s the same reason I watch The Bachelor- I know it’s gonna be a shit show, but it makes me feel like I’m not crazy.

I made an incorrect statement on my last post. I said that Jennifer from Turtle Creek Lane took 4 to 5 days to decorate for Christmas. I was wrong- she actually takes 45 days. Yes, that’s 1 and a half months of decorating. Then after decorating like a madwoman, she and her family fly to Utah to celebrate Christmas. I do not understand this at all. She turns her house into a Whoville, then checks out for a celebration somewhere else. Her daughter posted that her husband gave her a Porsche for her birthday. Let that sink in. A freaking Porsche. Jennifer starts every morning off with an Instagram story listing things she’s grateful for. I’m guessing with millions of dollars in the bank, it’s super easy to be grateful. Instagram influencers fascinate me. Some of them are just so dang out of touch with reality. Brittany Dawn was a fitness influencer, then went through a scandal where she was charged with fraud, and now she’s found God and is super judgmental. She went off on a Match.com ad that showed the devil and a girl named “2020” go on a date and fall in love. Honestly, I laughed at it. Obviously, devil worshipping isn’t a great look but the ad was meant to be funny- they never suggested you go worship the devil. She somehow thinks she has enough power to get them to pull it. I’m guessing she never went on a bad blind date so she can’t see the humor in it. I truly do love influencers as I get some great fashion and decor ideas but sometimes I really get some enjoyment out of making fun of a certain few.

And since it’s 2021 and fashion trends are changing, I’m very happy that flared jeans are coming back in! I’m over skinny jeans and flared jeans with a slight heel just make your legs look better. I wore some yesterday when we left the house and my husband even noticed. Personally, I love the look of a flared jean with a tucked in top and a cute belt. Although, I’m not 100% confident in tucking in a shirt right now. So that’s a goal for 2021. And yoga pants are coming back in. Some 20 year old influencer called them “flared leggings.” Umm…those are yoga pants and they were super popular when she was in elementary school. Maybe I’ll get another pair. I’m working from home for the time being, so leggings are my day to day outfit now. Another trend I’ve been seeing is “shackets“. It’s a shirt that is also a jacket- usually a large flannel type. It reminds me of high school when large flannels and Doc Martens were the style. Actually, Docs are coming back in. Maybe I should have kept mine. My sister in law asked me if I had any of the longer bike shorts that are in now and I said I wore those in middle school so I didn’t think I should jump on that trend again!

I need to finish this up so I’m going to leave you with this- I blame Netflix for all the issues we have in the world. In January 2020, they removed Friends and the whole world went downhill. This year, they removed The Office and a bunch of people tried to overthrow the government. Doesn’t anyone remember the episode where Jan Levinson warned the warehouse department that forming a union would result in the closure of the branch? This is what happens when you take great comedy of Netflix. People can’t handle themselves and do stupid shit.

Go have a great day and don’t do anything stupid.

** All opinions are my own. Duh. I’m not compensated for this post**

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