Amazon Finds

A few weeks ago, a good friend remarked to me, “I haven’t bought any clothes in forever because you haven’t been blogging and tempting me.” Since I’m a good friend, I promised her a blog with a roundup of affordable clothing. Since I was working and traveling, I didn’t get it done as soon as I should have. Woops. That said, I seem to be shopping on Amazon a lot lately. I love that I can always find my size, it’s on my doorstep in two days, and the returns are easy. I don’t always have time to go to a store, browse around, try on, and purchase. I do have time to fish around on the Amazon app while I’m sitting in my pajamas. Anyhow, here’s a list of the things I purchased that I really love:

  1. PRETTODAY Floral Kimono: “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” Can you name that movie? I know…I know.. florals are overdone for spring. I normally hate them but a coworker kept wearing a cute floral kimono to work and I finally decided to get on board. It’s sheer so I wear a tank top and T shirt under it. Maybe this summer I’ll wear it with just a tank top. I’ve worn it with skinny jeans so far but I think it would look cute with denim shorts or white jeans too. It comes in a lot of colors. One of my coworkers got it in black and it’s really cute on her. Some of these are one size fits all and some are sized. I ordered a size M and probably could have ordered a small.
  2. Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Skinny Jeans: I ordered these on a whim. My favorite Old Navy skinny jeans wore through in the inner thigh (since I don’t have a thigh gap!). I checked to see if any of the local store had any and of course, they were out of stock. Since I didn’t feel like waiting, I ordered some off Amazon to try. I ended up loving them even more than the Old Navy jeans I’d worn for years. I ordered them in the shades Stormy Sky and later ordered them in Sun Worshipper. These have an elastic waistband and they wash up perfectly. You can throw them in the dryer without worrying that they will shrink. I’ve raved about these so much that two of my coworkers have purchased them too. Oh, and I can size down in these jeans too. In Old Navy, I wore a size 10. In Levis, I wear an 8. That’s a win!
  3. PRETTYGARDEN Off Shoulder Elastic Waist Jumpsuit: This is another item I debated for a long time. Jumpsuits and rompers don’t look good on me because of my long torso. However, I read rave reviews on this and decided to try it. It’s easily my favorite Amazon purchase in the past six months! It feels like you’re wearing pajamas but looks really cute. I’ve worn it with sandals, sneakers, and high heels. I got a lot of compliments when I wore it to my niece’s graduation last weekend. Since it’s under $30, I’m probably going to order it in a blue sleeveless version too. I ordered mine in a medium and it’s perfect.
  4. BLENCOT 3/4 Bell Sleeve Blouse: I purchased this to wear to my niece’s graduation but then I wore my jumpsuit instead. I do that a lot- buy something for an occasion then wear something I already own. I like this shirt but I haven’t worn it in public yet. The model has it tucked in, because she’s #superskinnyandblessed and I’m not. I still like it and it comes in a lot of colors. If you don’t want to tuck it in, you could tie it or leave it as is. I’d personally wear it with my flared jeans but maybe this summer I’ll wear it with some denim shorts too. I purchased this in a medium and may return it for a large. I’m not sure yet.
  5. Lock & Love Dolman Top: I purchased this last fall in the teal color and I have the short sleeve version in black. This top is amazing. It’s super flattering on anyone, especially the long sleeve version. Every time I wear it, I get a compliment. It’s under $20 so you can order as many as you want to. I got this in size medium and it’s great. Don’t worry about sizing too much with this as this is really stretchy. This is perfect to wear on a day when you’re bloated or not feeling your best.
  6. Sportoli Long Sleeve Snap Front Cardigan: You can’t go wrong with a cardigan. I wear this to work all the time because it’s cold. This is the perfect length and the snaps help to create a long line so it’s really slimming. It’s true to size so just order what you would normally wear.
  7. BALEAF Athletic Skirt: I’m surprised at how much I like this skirt. I bought it to wear when I golfed with my husband. And by golf, I mean hit a few balls and then sit in the cart with the snacks. I like it because it has shorts underneath the skirt and it’s stretchy. Plus, it’s cuter than wearing athletic shorts. Like most clothes, I ordered in a medium. I got this in white, but I’m going to order it in gray or blue as well.
  8. ZERDOCEAN Baseball Hat: The longer my hair gets, the more my pony tail annoys me. I like this hat because you can put your ponytail or messy bun on top of your head. I bought it in gray and I really love it. It’s adjustable so you don’t have to worry about ordering the right size.

I really suggest ordering off Amazon if you can’t find something locally. I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about Amazon, but I think it’s a good source when you can’t find exactly what you want somewhere else. If you’re like me, you’re busy and you don’t want to run around to five different stores to find something specific. It’s also great when you need to send a gift. I’ve ordered quite a few gifts from Amazon- outfits and books for my granddaughter mostly. If you’re unsure on something, check the reviews. The size charts are really accurate as well.

Besides ordering things from Amazon, life seems to be moving at a rapid pace. We’re back in the office, I’m vaccinated, and we traveled last weekend to attend my niece’s graduation and James went to his daughter’s State Track meet. We spent Memorial Day weekend hanging out with the neighbors (we hit the jackpot with fun neighbors!) and relaxing. I’m ready for summer weather and summer activities! Two weeks ago, we went to the Railyard in Little Rock for mimosas on a Sunday. It’s a backyard party every day with different food trucks, music, and drinks. Dogs are allowed so I’m in heaven when we’re there. Our friends band is playing next Friday so I’m assuming we’ll probably go then. We’re hoping that the kids are able to come visit and hoping some other family can visit as well.

I hope these Amazon finds make online shopping a little easier for you. If you have any Amazon favorites, drop them in comments or send me a link. I’m always up for trying something new!

** All opinions are my own. The photos are from I am not compensated for this post**

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