10 Products I’m Into -February 2022

It’s the end of February. Where is 2022 going? We’re not even 2 months in and it’s already been a whirlwind. Big decisions have been made and our lives are getting wild. In my first blog post this year, I said I would be open to changes and boy, did the universe provide… James was offered a new position with his company and we are moving to Boston, MA, in two months! We flew up there the first weekend in February to check it out, and decided it would be a great city to call our next home. It’s definitely a bittersweet time right now as we love our life (and our friends) here in Arkansas, but this is a great opportunity to get out of our comfort zone and grow. We’re going to go from a 4 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom apartment, which means we’re in the chaos of selling a house, getting rid of stuff, and moving to another state…again. I’m not excited about the cold but I’m very excited about living in a big city. Actually, James promised me a new pair of winter boots, so maybe the cold will be worth it.

With all of this happening, I told myself I can’t quit posting here because for some reason, this relaxes me more than anything else. My 10 Products I’m Into in January was kind of a hit, so I decided I’d do one of those every month. This way, I know I’ll post at least once a month. Accountability is everything, right? So here’s the stuff I’m into this month:

  1. Sidefeel Destroyed Raw Hem Jeans: I mentioned I needed a wardrobe update so I decided to start on Amazon. That way, I got to try them on in the comfort of my own home instead of in a poorly lit dressing room. Of course, they look better on the model because she’s thinner with longer legs, but I don’t hate them. I wore them to dinner with some new boots and I got a compliment. These are a much different style than I’ve worn in the past 10 years so they’re taking some getting used to. I wear a size Large and they’re slightly big at the waist. I’m worried that if I order them in a size smaller, they’ll be too tight in the thigh. I’m thinking of taking them to a tailor to see if I can have them taken in. They’re less than $40!
  2. Dollar General Maya Razors: These are amazing and I found them by accident. I purchased them when we lived in Iowa because Dollar General was the only store in town. I love them and refuse to use another razor ( I tried using another brand on our weekend in Boston and hated it.) These have 6 blades and you get a super close shave each time without cutting yourself. They’re only $5 for 3 razors and there’s a Dollar General on every corner, so you have no excuse not to buy these. Other people have caught on to these and sometimes they’re sold out. When I’m in DG, I get 2 packages each time.
  3. Weleda Skin Food Lip Butter: My friend sent me a care package( the same care package where I discovered the LaChatelaine hand cream) and I purchased this on my own when the first tube ran out. I’m picky on lip products because some are just nasty. This makes my lips really soft and doesn’t get all gross. Buy two so you can put one in your purse.
  4. Native Body Wash Coconut Vanilla: I normally hate the whole “clean beauty” thing because a lot of it is marketing. Products that are labeled “all natural” are rarely actually natural. In addition, natural products aren’t always the best solution Think about it like this- cocaine is a natural product made from a plant. But you shouldn’t do cocaine, right? Right. Toxicity can also depend on dosage. For example, many shampoo manufacturers have removed sulfates from shampoos, resulting in shampoos that don’t always cleanse the best. Sulfates in smaller doses (5% or less) are fine for our hair. If you want more clarification, follow Caroline Hirons on Instagram as she is much better at explaining this than me. Anyhow, I got this body wash because I like the scent and even though it’s sulfate free, I really like it. It doesn’t lather up like other body washes, but it rinses clean and my skin doesn’t dry out when I use it. I got mine at Walmart and I think it’s sold at Target as well. (If you want more info on sulfates check out Fat Mascara podcast Ep 380)
  5. Better Homes & Gardens Wax Melts: I really love these as they use essential oils and make my house smell really clean. Our real estate agent came in when I had Sandalwood & Vanilla in the warmer and commented how great it smelled. I also really like the Bergamot & Sage and Lime & Eucalyptus scents. It makes the entire house smell like a spa which is great since my life is chaotic right now. I need a sense of calm and if a $2 wax melt can help, I’m going to use it.
  6. Freebird Crue Boots: I had to take a deep breath before I added this to the list because these are not cheap. I’ve obsessed over Freebird boots for two years and my husband surprised me with these for Christmas. When I told him he spent too much, he promised he got them on sale. That said, I love these. They’re worth every penny. Each pair is handmade with real leather (I could smell the leather when I opened the box) and they’re insanely comfortable despite the tall heel. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve definitely started to prefer quality shoes and these deliver. In October, I purchased a pair of snakeskin booties from Dillards and now I rarely wear them because I wear these instead. I’ve worn these with skinny jeans, flared jeans, and straight jeans. Random strangers have stopped to compliment me on these boots. If you only splurge on one pair of boots this year, buy these. I got the color Grey Multi but I also love the Cognac and Olive Multi.
  7. Welcome to the United States of Anxiety by Jen Lancaster: I’ve read all of Jen Lancaster’s non fiction books. Her first book, “Bitter is the New Black” was published in 2006 and it’s been interesting and fun to watch her grow and change. In this book, she talks about how her opinions have changed and why she has more anxiety than ever. She’s funny and it feels like I’m talking to my best friend when I’m reading it.
  8. Rugs USA Florid Dream Rug: Our living room rug was much too small for our space and I purchased this with my Christmas money. I guess the joke is on me because we’re going to move into a smaller space now. I wouldn’t have considered ordering a rug of this size from ma website but I admired my friend’s new living room and she sent me the link to this website. We purchased the rug pad for underneath the rug so it doesn’t slip out of place. Our whole living room looks better now (maybe it will help the house sell faster!) and it’s really soft too. If I have to order rugs for our new apartment, I’m looking at this website first.
  9. Old Navy Power Soft Leggings: I nearly lost my sh*t when Old Navy changed their Elevate leggings. I’m picky about leggings- they have to be 7/8 length for my short legs, must have compression, and for the love of God, they HAVE to have pockets. (Why can’t women’s clothes have pockets? If men can wear cargo shorts – and they shouldn’t- we should at least get pockets) They also have to stay in place during a workout. Nothing is more annoying than adjusting leggings in the middle of a group fitness class. I tried some other brands and hated them so I finally gave in and ordered these to see if they compared. They do! I love them and I’m going to get another pair soon. The color that I got isn’t showing online right now but they have a lot of other colors as well.
  10. Neutral Silicone Ring: I don’t wear my nice wedding ring unless I’m going to work or going out. If I’m around the house or at the gym, my ring gets in the way. I got this pack of silicone rings and I really like them because I don’t notice I’m wearing them and they don’t get in the way when I’m trying to cook or workout. I know there are people who think it’s weird that I don’t wear my wedding ring 24/7, but my hands swell (especially at night) and it gets uncomfortable. Since these are flexible, it’s easier to wear at these times.

I couldn’t get a great pic of all of these products but I did what I could. Please ignore the mess behind the pic of my Freebird boots-we had just opened presents and I was so excited. I supposed I should go try to get this house staged for the showings that will hopefully happen this week. The market is good and our house is fairly new, but I’m still anxiety ridden about selling it- or maybe just keeping it clean enough to show.

Have a great day and be sure to try some of these!

All opinions are my own and I am not compensated for this post**

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