10 Things I’m Into- June 2022

It’s the end of June already. Next weekend is July 4th, which means summer is halfway over and Pumpkin Spice Season will be here before we know it. Actually, PSL season seems to start earlier each year (thanks Starbucks). I really want time to slow down. My stepdaughter gets married in three weeks, which means in two weeks we fly back to Iowa. We booked a direct flight and that isn’t even helping my anxiety about flights being cancelled and rebooked. Every time I open Google, there’s another article about delays at Logan Airport. Every time I turn on the news, some reporter is telling me that traveling will be a nightmare and that the world is going to implode pretty soon. On Friday, I actually asked my husband to turn off the news because I was becoming more and more anxious. Watching Roe v Wade being overturned sent me over the edge. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, but as a person who has has several medical procedures that some people don’t agree with, I believe everyone has the right to make decisions for their own bodies. If you can’t handle a pregnancy for whatever reason, I support you. If you want to have ten kids, I support you. If you want to get breast implants, I support you there too. If you want to be a vegan, that’s cool. I don’t understand it, but I don’t have to. You can do whatever you want, except tell me how to handle my own body. Period. End of Story. And before I go into a rant, here are 10 not so serious things I’m into lately:

  1. George Men’s Bootcut & Straight Cut Jeans: Yes, I said men’s jeans. I’ve been wanting to update my jeans wardrobe for quite some time. I ordered a pair off of Amazon and they’re ok, but just didn’t “wow” me the way I wanted. I wanted some jeans that weren’t skinny but weren’t flared. Straight cut and boot cut tend to not look great on me. Then I saw a girl on TikTok who purchased jeans from the men’s section at Walmart and distressed them herself. I decided to try it and couldn’t believe how well they fit! I bought the bootcut jeans and loved them so much I couldn’t bear to distress them. So I purchased the straight cut, cut some holes in them, cut off the hem, and BAM! Instant perfect jeans. These jeans are only $16 and fit PERFECTLY. In fact, my husband told me that the bootcut jeans were his favorite out of any pair of jeans I’ve owned in the last fifteen years. Bonus: Men’s jeans actually have usable pockets.
  2. SAOVERE Women’s Vneck Button Down: I have a hard time finding button down shirts that fit my shoulders. I have broad shoulders (And no, you don’t get to tell me that I don’t.) I ordered this off of Amazon, and it fits over my shoulders. It’s also linen so it’s great for summer. Last weekend, I wore this shirt with my George Bootcut jeans and the sales associate in Saks Off 5th told me she loved my outfit. I didn’t have the heart to tell her it was from Amazon and Walmart! I got a size medium and it’s perfect. If you’re curious on what size, check out Amazon reviews. They’re very helpful.
  3. Freebird Claw Sandals: Yes, I bought more Freebirds. The weekend we moved here, I found out Freebird just opened up a store in Boston. My husband decided he wanted a pair, and while we were in there, I purchased a pair too. They were having their grand opening so I got them for 30% off but right now, all sandals are 40% off! These match my wedding rehearsal dress perfectly and I’ve worn them with jeans too. They’re surprisingly comfortable for how high the heel is.
  4. Trader Joes Ranch and In a Pickle Seasoning: There’s a Trader Joes ten minutes from our apartment. I tried their Ranch seasoning and I’m hooked. It’s only $2.99 a bottle and I put it on everything- potatoes, veggies, and chicken mostly. I made ranch dressing with it a few weeks ago. If you like dill pickles, (my sister and I love them!) then you need to get In a Pickle Seasoning. It has the same bite as a good pickle and it makes broccoli a lot more interesting. Right now, it’s not available at my store, but I’m hoping I can get some to bring to my sister in two weeks.
  5. Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask: I normally get my hair done every eight weeks. Right now, I’m waiting twelve weeks because I want it to be fresh for the wedding. Since I’m waiting longer, my hair isn’t feeling the best. (Kelsey, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry for what you’re going to have to deal with in a few weeks!) Luckily, this mask helps. I just put this on after I’ve shampooed, then wait a few minutes and rinse. I have very thick, wavy hair that tangles easily. This helps a lot!
  6. Sephora Collection Colorful Eyeshadow: I’m kind of over eyeshadow palettes because there is always one or two weird colors that I never use. I got one of these shadows a few years ago at Sephora and just went back to purchase it again. Right now, they’re having a sale of Buy Two, Get One Free. I have the colors Mocha Latte, Morning Sunrise, and Black Lace. These are really easy to blend and work with, even if you’re a beginner at makeup. They’re only $9 and I really think they’re comparable to MAC shadows that are $19! Don’t worry…I have both brands. For research purposes, of course.
  7. Sephora Collection Insta Brow Waxy Pencil: I really struggle with brow products. I like my brows dark but so many colors are too warm and make my brows look orange tinted. Not cool. I bought this last weekend and I really love it! I own the shade Medium Brown. Just like the eyeshadows, this is easy to work with, even if you’re a makeup newbie.
  8. I Take My Coffee Black by Tyler Merrit: A few years ago, I watched a video called ” Before You Call the Cops”. I thought it was a great video and then didn’t think about it again. Then Jen Hatmaker (the Evangelical good girl author turned activist) announced she was dating him and I immediately got intrigued. I love reading about people who are different than me and this book hit the mark. Tyler Merrit writes about musical theater, God, racism, Tupac, and growing up black. He’s an incredible writer and speaker (follow him on Instagram too!). If I had to pick an author to have a conversation with, he would be in my top 10.
  9. O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop: I’ve purchased this mop twice. I had it when we lived in Arkansas. Then when we moved, I got rid of it and ended up buying it again for the apartment. I hated mopping because it made a mess. This has a little bucket with the spinner thing to wring out the mop. Don’t ask me the technical term for this because it’s not important. The mop head snaps off and on, so you can detach it and throw it in the wash when you’re done. Then you don’t have to worry about mopping with a dirty mop. Do I love mopping? No. Does this make it easier? Yup!
  10. mDesign Plastic Storage Bins: There’s nothing fancy about these. I just really like to be organized and these work. I’ve used them in cupboards, bathrooms, and in the fridge. I like them because they are clear so you can see what’s in them and they have handles so they’re easier to grab. I’ll never be like the people on TikTok who have a perfectly organized fridge, but these let me pretend I am.

Right now, I’m just excited for a long weekend and then prepping for our trip to Iowa. By the time we return, July will be more than halfway over! I want summer to slow down even though I’m really excited about the fall because we have friends and family coming to visit. We’re going to a Red Sox game on the 4th and I’m kind of excited about that. Right now, I just want to sleep for a week since I know we have so much coming up!

Trader Joes In a Pickle Seasoning

Have a great day!

*All opinions are my own and I’m not compensated for this post**

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