10 Things I’m Into – November 2022

It’s the first week of December already!! 2022 has flown by and the past month seemed faster than the rest of the months put together. I started a new job, spent two weeks in Des Moines training, then came back just in time for Thanksgiving. Next weekend, we are headed to New York City! Seeing NYC at Christmas has been something I’ve wanted to do for years and I’m so excited. We even got tickets to the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular! Other than travel, here are 10 things I’m into right now.

  1. Scentsy Little Garden Warmer: My niece had a Scentsy party so I ordered this. I really like this warmer because it’s not too big and it looks really cute. It comes with little rocks and (fake) succulent plants but I put in pumpkins for fall and little trees for Christmas. Right now my favorite Scentsy is Very Snowy Spruce. For an anytime scent, I like Weathered Leather. It smells like the inside of a tack shop…or the Freebird store.
  2. Morphe 9T Neutral Territory Eyeshadow Palette: I know I said I wasn’t buying any more palettes, but hear me out. I was in Des Moines and realized I hadn’t brought any decent brown eyeshadows. Then I was in Target and they had an Ulta section..so of course I looked and got this. I purchased a Morphe palette earlier this year and didn’t like it so I was skeptical on this but this one is much nicer. The eyeshadow colors blend really well and it even has a black for eyeliner. When we go to NYC next weekend, I’ll probably just bring this palette instead of a bunch of eyeshadows.
  3. Morphe Matte Liquid Lipstick in Peanut: I got a new sweater that is kind of a rust color and realized almost all of my lipstick looked weird with it since I tend to wear pink tones. When I saw this, I decided to try it. I normally don’t wear really dark lipstick, but I really like this!
  4. Weekly Pill Organizer: If you take pills or supplements, you know what a pain it is to open and shut bottles every morning or night. I like to just put everything in an organizer for the week, then refill it as needed. I like this because each day has a separate case. This way, if I want to take some with me (“I have to eat so I can take my back pill,..”), I can just toss the one that I need into my purse instead of carrying a giant case around.
  5. Laundry Detergent Holder: Since we have a stackable water and dryer, the detergent is on the top now. This means the detergent likes to drip on my head and I can never find the cup. When I was in Iowa and did laundry at my friend’s house, I saw this on her detergent and immediately got one for myself. No more laundry detergent dripping on my head and I can find the cup now. This all means I swear a lot less when I’m doing laundry.
  6. BAAPET Dog Leash: Deuce needed a new leash and I was tired of the previous leashes we had because they came apart so easily. I ordered this off Amazon and I really like this. The handle is padded so it doesn’t slip and it seems like a strong leash. As much as he likes walks, it helps to have a nice leash.
  7. Fi Smart Dog Collar: My brother and sister in law got one of these for their dog last year so I finally got around to buying one for Deuce. This is a smart collar that tracks his steps and sleep. It also has GPS in case he ever gets lost. When you get the collar, you subscribe to the app and create a profile for your dog. Then you can follow other dogs too. Doggie social media – what will they think of next? If you use the referral code 38HHJJ6, you can get $20 off!
  8. Downy Unstoppables In-Wash Scent Booster: Humans stink. Which means our clothes smell- especially workout clothes that we sweat in. I use Tide but I also use these beads to make the fresh smell last longer. I especially like using these on sheets! If you have a Costco or Sam’s Club membership, buy them there instead. They sell a larger bottle for only a couple dollars more than the regular grocery store.
  9. GE 7.5 Ft Carolina Pine Artificial Tree: We got rid of our old enormous tree when we moved. We found this one at Lowe’s and I love it. I don’t like skinny trees at all and this one is really full. It has globe shaped lights instead of regular lights. It’s flocked and he pinecones and berries too. It looks really good in our apartment!
  10. Mural Acne Relief Spot Treatment: My cystic acne flared up right before I was supposed to have a new headshot taken. Cystic acne generally can’t be cured by topical treatment but I decided to try this and it really helped. It didn’t take it completely away but it worked well enough that I could cover it up with makeup. I’d recommend this to anyone who breaks out- especially if you have a big event coming up.

I’m so excited about NYC in a few days that I can hardly concentrate on anything else! Last weekend, my cousin Steven and his wife, Isabelle, were in town. We went out to eat at The Granary and then we walked around the downtown area to see the Christmas displays. The tree at Faneuil Hall is beautiful and the tunnel at Christopher Columbus Park is so cool to walk through.

Now that the Christmas season is officially here, I can reflect on how quickly this year has really flown by. It was just about a year ago when James walked out of his office in our house in Arkansas and said, “There’s a job available in the northeast and I think I want to apply for it.” Now we’ve lived here for seven months already and we’re enjoying our first holiday season in New England. We’re liking our cozy apartment and getting out and seeing the city all decked out for Christmas. New Englanders really like Christmas! I’m even more excited to see NYC in a few days.

Merry Christmas!

** All opinions are my own. I am not compensated for this post**

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