So Apparently, It’s Fall….

So, it’s September 2nd and apparently, fall started yesterday. Fall doesn’t actually start until Sept 22 but all the beauty and fashion bloggers and basic girls have been posting about it since August 1. Then Starbucks released their Pumpkin Spice Latte (#PSL)  early and Instagram freaking blew up. I tried one at one time. It was horrible. #notafan. Please don’t get me wrong, I love fall! I always have. I love the cool, crisp days and the way the leaves turn and the sky is super blue. I love football and I love Halloween and Thanksgiving. However, I think the pumpkin spice obsession has went to far. I mean, there’s freaking pumpkin spice cereal. Personally, I think apple doesn’t get enough attention in the fall. I do have an apple scented candle burning now. Just plain apple- not apple spice, just plain old apple. Also, I got some Pink Zebra sprinkles in the scent Wheat Fields. My house smells somewhat fall like…

And since the weather isn’t quite fall like, I’m not exactly ready to bust out my boots and my blanket scarves and put away my self tanner just yet. And let’s be honest, I’m never ready to not be tan.  Being tan just makes me feel better. It’s that strange ” I’m-Ready-For-Fall-But-The-Weather-Isn’t” time of year. Lucky for you, I found some stuff you might like…

  1. Old Navy Boyfriend Cutoff Shorts: I mentioned in another post that I had ordered these and I love them! They are a little shorter than I expected but still fit really well. I have a hard time finding shorts and jeans to fit and these are perfect.
  2. Old Navy Boyfriend Jeans: Are you sensing a theme here? Yes, I love Old Navy. I kept seeing the boyfriend style of jeans all over Pinterest and Instagram but I was petty skeptical. I was worried they would look like skinny jeans on me instead of the cute baggy style they’re supposed to be.  I ordered a pair and ordered one for my stepdaugher as well. I love them! They have some stretch so mine are a little big in the waist but if I go down a size, I don’t think the legs would fit. They look really cute with sandals or with sneakers. And I’ve seen them with booties too so I’ll probably try that when it’s really fall weather.
  3. Time&Tru Brushed V Neck Tshirts from Walmart: These aren’t online but they’re worth leaving your house for. They’re so soft and don’t shrink or get weird when you wash them. They’re regularly $4.92 but I got mine for $3.00 a few days ago. I got the blush pink color and now I want to go get it in other colors. It looks great on it’s own and it works well underneath a cardigan or sweatshirt too.
  4. Ava Long Sleeve Denim Shirt: I got this on Amazon last year. It was actually a little wide in the waist so I had it taken in but I love it! It’s nice, heavy material and I like the snaps. I wear this all year long. Be sure to check the sizing chart and read the reviews to get your size. It’s Asian sizes so I think mine is a 3XL.
  5. Old Navy French Terry Ruffle Sleeve Sweatshirt: I don’t love all the ruffles in fashion. They’re a bit too precious for me. I felt that way about floral until I finally buckled down and got a floral shirt. After all the compliments I got, I decided to give the ruffles another chance. I got a large but I think I could have fit into a medium.
  6. Eat Cake, Be Brave by Melissa Radke: This isn’t a clothing item. It’s a great book. I loved it. She’s funny and she writes about REAL stuff. Her podcast is pretty cool too. And she just announced she and her family are doing a reality show on USA network soon. Order this, then order one to a friend. We all need this in our lives. Her writing reminds me of Melanie Shankle or Jen Hatmaker. Coincidentally, all 3 authors are from Texas. I should move to the south. I feel like my people are there. Plus, it’s gorgeous there in the fall.

Those are just a few of the things I’m into lately. I really haven’t been blogging a lot because it’s been a little crazy here. Dealing with selling the house and having some actual fun. I went to visit my friends in Des Moines 2 weeks ago. We went to District 36 Wine Bar & Grill to eat on Friday night. We shared crab rangoon dip and I got the Balsamic Chicken Salad. It was awesome. I can’t remember the name of the drink I had but it was State Fair Lemonade with Citron Vodka. It was delightful. I swear, I really do mean to take more pics of stuff I talk about but I’m terrible at that. When I’m with my crew, I don’t even check my dang phone, much less remember to take a pic!  The next day my college roommate, Brandy,  and I went to the State Fair. My friends are the most fun people. It was super hot at State Fair so we didn’t bother to dress cute but we did bother to get beverages to cool ourselves down. Hello, Lynchburg Lemonade.  I also got to see my friend Jen whom I haven’t seen in 10 years. She and her family show Miniature Hereford Cattle. They are so cool! Check them out on Facebook at Christenson Cattle Company Registered Miniature Herefords. Later that night, I tagged along with my friend Tiffany and her husband to Boone Valley Brewing Company. They had a great selection of beer and they had a food truck with grilled cheese and nachos. We got some nachos with pulled pork. Yum. I brought my husband a mini growler of the Semi Crazy Blonde Ale. I figured it fit…and he really liked it so I guess it was a good gift.


That’s all for today! Go outside and enjoy the weather. Or just stay inside with your pumpkin spiced candles…


** The above images were not all taken by me. My friend Brandy took our selfie and the Llama Drama pic. No images are copyright. I am not paid for this blog. Unless you feel like donating…***

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