Tips for Growing Out Your Hair

It’s official. My hair is long. I know that’s not earth shattering news but every time I post a pic on social media, someone comments on it. When we decided to move South in the fall of 2018, I knew I’d have to grow my hair out so I could pull it up during the long, hot summer. I wasn’t even aware of how much it had grown until a pic popped up on memories. A year ago, my hair was chin length and pretty short. Now it’s nearly down to my bra strap. I’m lucky- I got some great hair genetics. Both sides of my family have thick, strong hair. One of my friends used to refer to my hair as a lion’s mane. That said, I take pretty good care of it. Here’s some tips for growing out your hair:

  1. Trim your hair as often as you need to. Some people have hair that breaks easily and need trims more than others. I’ve went over a year without a haircut. Yes, you read that right. I can do that because I take good care of it. If your hair gets split ends, you can’t repair them. You can only trim them. Ask your stylist when you need trims- they’ll be honest with you. Also a trim and a haircut are the same thing. It’s the same process.
  2. Don’t wash your hair everyday. Washing your hair strips it of it’s natural oils. Think about your favorite old shirt. You’ve washed it a thousand times and now it’s nearly see through and kind of raggedy. It’s the same with your hair. If your hair gets greasy and you need to wash everyday, my guess is that you aren’t using the right shampoo. So many of the drugstore shampoos have waxes and fillers in them, causing your hair to look greasy. You wash your hair, marvel at the shine, and the next day it’s greasy and gross. That’s the wax. Your head is basically a candle. Using products with less fillers and waxes will allow you to not have a greasy head. Also, be careful when using volumizing shampoos. They’re designed to increase the diameter of your hair. That makes it more full but can also make it feel coarse. If you think your hair is getting dry, check out your shampoo. If it’s volumizing, try a hydrating shampoo instead. On the subject of shampoo, find a great dry shampoo. I like Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Extender Shampoo or Joico The Weekender. And another tip- don’t wait until your hair is greasy to use the dry shampoo. Use it right after you dry your hair. It will absorb the oil before it starts, giving you more days without shampooing. Also, spray a little in your roots every night to help the greasy feeling.
  3. Be careful when you’re using heat. We all like to flat iron or curl our hair into perfect beach waves so we can have Instagram worthy hair. Using a thermal spray helps to protect the hair from heat and can help to hold your style as well. My favorite is Kenra Thermal Spray. Spray it in before you curl or straighten your hair. Tip- Spray it in, comb through to distribute, then curl or straighten. Also, when you’re drying your hair, use a blow dry spray. Again, I really like Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Spray or Kenra Blow Dry Spray. This helps to dry your hair faster and protects it from the heat. If you can avoid it, don’t use heat everyday. If you’ve curled your hair one day, you probably don’t have to curl all of it the next day. Just touch up where it needs it and go. If it’s a weekend and you’re not going anywhere, just leave it alone!
  4. Use hair oil on the ends. My favorite is Moroccan Oil because it penetrates the hair shaft and doesn’t get greasy. I know a lot of other companies make oil now, so find your favorite. Run this through your ends before you blow dry and run some through the ends every night. I also like to use this when I’m separating curls and styling too. This helps to ends to stay frizz free.
  5. Be careful about which hair ties you’re using. As your hair gets longer, you’ll probably pull it up more often. Last summer, I noticed my hair was breaking at a certain point. I realized it was right where my hair was tied up in my ponytail and switched my hair elastics. After that, it quit breaking.
  6. Curl your hair correctly. This won’t help your hair grow better but it will help you have better curls. Have you ever curled your hair only to have it curly at the ends and straight at the top?(My friend refers to this as high school show choir hair.) That’s because the hair at the root isn’t getting curled. The heat is staying on the ends longer so they’re getting curlier. It’s also damaging those already fragile ends. When you curl, grab the strand you want to curl, clamp the iron around the root of your hair and wind the iron around. If you want really great waves, leave the ends out and pull straight down when you release the clamp. If you need a tutorial, watch any of Harmonize Beauty’s tutorials on YouTube. Someone told me I should film one, but I don’t have a great camera and she’s a lot prettier than me.
  7. Get healthy from the inside out. I used to think my hair didn’t grow well. Then I started eating healthy and noticed my hair got healthier as well. Eat your veggies! Also, take collagen. I started taking it 2 years ago and noticed a huge difference in my hair and nails. I personally like Vital Proteins Collagen or Thrive Market Collagen. I have a discount code for Thrive Market if anyone wants it!(Just send me a message because I have to email it to you.) I use a scoopful in my morning coffee. I know that Garden of Life makes some flavored collagen that one of my friends swears by.

Those may seem like common sense, but I swear they work. My hair has went from a short bob to long hair in a year. I’m planning on keeping it long for awhile. At least until after my brother’s wedding in September because I’m a bridesmaid and I’ll want to wear my hair up. I already feel sorry for the stylist who has to do an updo on me or my sis. We both have a ton of long hair.

What else has been going on? Tayler, Hunter, and Baby Jordyn came to visit us last week. We had a lot of fun with them, especially with Jordyn. She’s a good baby and her giggles are the cutest. She really loved her grandpa (my husband) and she likes to give slobbery kisses. At one point, she managed to get peanut butter all over my face. That would normally gross me out but from a 9 month old baby, it seems like a compliment.

Last night we watched the movie The Irishman. It’s an incredible movie! Fun fact: I love movies about the mafia. Any movie with Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, or Joe Pesci is going to be a favorite of mine. I think it’s so cool that they released it on Netflix and in theaters.

Have a great day! Try some of these tips and let me know what you think.

** All opinions on this blog are my own. I am not compensated for this post. Also, if you want to purchase hair product, go ask your local stylists and support a small business**

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