10 Things Saving My Life in 2020

It’s been 4 months since I’ve updated this blog. Why? I feel bad writing about clothes I like or books I want to read when there’s so much bad crap happening in the world. I’ve tried writing several times but my drafts were just me spewing obscenities about my irritation with Rachel Hollis and her divorce. I always found her toxic positivity mildly annoying but ever since she announced she was writing a book about coming out on the other side of divorce WHILE GOING THROUGH A DIVORCE, I can’t handle her. I just can’t.

A lot has happened in the past 4 months. We’ve traveled back to Iowa twice – once for my stepson’s graduation and once for my brother’s wedding. My stepdaughter, her boyfriend, and their little girl came to visit. My sister and nieces came to visit and we did some damage at TJ Maxx. I turned 40 and I’m still trying to wrap my mind around that. I’d like to say I’ve learned something really profound in 2020 but I haven’t. Earlier this week, I was listening to a podcast and at the end of each episode, the host asks the guest, “What is saving your life right now?” I can’t point to one thing saving my life right now so I started making a list. Maybe some of these will resonate with you too.

  1. Podcasts: Specifically, the Popcast with Knox and Jamie. I discovered this because they were guests on Jen Hatmaker’s podcast and they are HILARIOUS. I’ve listened to their episodes each week and went through the back episodes too. I’m looking forward to the Bachelorette starting just to hear them recap it each week.
  2. My brother’s wedding: My brother got married last month and even though they had to change the location due to the COVID, it was a beautiful wedding and a fun celebration. Having such a big even take place and welcoming Sarah into our family gave everyone a sense of normalcy that was much needed.
  3. The Office on Netflix: I’ve heard that people are rewatching old series on Netflix as comfort. I’m one of those people. I love The Office and watching it just makes me happy. Let’s also not forget Friends was taken off Netflix January 1, 2020 and then the world went to crap.
  4. Virtual dates with friends: My friends and I have used Zoom so we can see each other while we talk. The past two Saturdays I’ve woken up, made a cup of coffee and called my friend Tiffany to chat. Our chats lasted and hour through coffee and walking the dog. Texts and Snaps are great but actually having a conversation is the best.
  5. Dip nails: When salons closed down, everyone went crazy-including me. I hadn’t gotten my nails done in a long time, but I ordered a dip nail kit off of Amazon and started doing my own nails. My technique improves each time and I kind of like it.
  6. Amazon: I love having stuff delivered in 2 days or less. I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of stuff I’ve ordered since this whole mess started. I’ve discovered the best socks, updated the house, and sent some cute clothes to my granddaughter. And I didn’t even have to change out of my leggings to do it.
  7. AirPods: My husband gave me AirPods for Christmas and I love them. I use them to talk on the phone or listen to podcasts while I’m cleaning. When I was working from home, I used them when my husband was watching TV. I’m starting to think he bought them for me so I’d clean more…
  8. My house: During those two months when we couldn’t go anywhere, I was so thankful that I actually like my house. I did some updates for the fall season two weeks ago and I really like how cozy it feels. My sister found this Highland cow print at a sale and picked it up for me to put above the couch.
  9. New recipes: Last week, I made Paleomg Dutch Oven Chicken Recipe and it’s our new favorite. In fact, I have it in the oven right now. I also want to try this Candied Walnut Pear Salad. On my birthday, my coworker Cindy made me Caramel Apple Dump Cake. I love caramel apples and this cake was perfection. I’m going to make it when my parents come to visit.
  10. Grocery pickup: I hate grocery shopping unless I’m going to Trader Joes for fun stuff. I always get irritated with people yapping on their cell phones in the middle of the aisle. I order groceries once a week and pick them up. Kroger is my new favorite because they can have it ready so quickly. I order on a Saturday night and it’s ready Sunday morning. And yes, that makes for a lame Saturday night, but I’m 40 and this is my life now…

Right now Deuce is begging for a walk so I better take him. We tried to go on a Harley ride this afternoon but that didn’t work out. We stopped to get gas ten minutes away from our house and the bike wouldn’t start again. My husband got it started and we took it home. I was disappointed as I was hoping to get a good ride in. That’s a good metaphor for 2020- in January we expected something great and here we are 9 months in and well, things haven’t gone as planned. We’re just making the best of it. Last night we watched Iowa State beat Oklahoma in Ames for the first time since 1960. Watching football felt nice and normal too!

I hope you have a great week. I joined a gym along with some coworkers so we’re holding each other accountable and attending group fitness classes during lunch hour. I haven’t went to group fitness classes in a long time and it’s really good to try something new. Plus, working out with friends is much more fun. I’m sure we’ll all be in great shape by the time the holidays hit. Unless we keep making Caramel Apple Dump Cakes…

*All opinions are my own. I am not compensated for this post**

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